Seven News Presenters and Reporters


Jacqueline Felgate presenting sport in Melbourne tonight.


Doesn’t she always?


Sharyn Ghidella is reporting from Fraser Island for the royal tour.


She presents sport on Friday and Saturday and Tim Watson presenting Sunday - Thursday.


Sunday (21.10.2018) - Monday (22.10.2018): Ben Davis is presenting Brisbane sport for the first time since returning to Seven.


Rod Young is presenting solo on the Gold Coast with Amanda Abate reporting on the Royal Tour.


Monday -
Tim Watson is back presenting sport in Melbourne tonight.


Not sure where to ask this,

but is there any reason why Gold Coast, Newcastle and Woolongong have their own TV stations but Geelong doesn’t? Seems a bit strange to me.


Paul Kadak is now in the United States and ready to start his new role as US Correspondent joining Ashlee Mullany and Amelia Brace.


Tuesay (23.10.2018) - Friday (26.10.2018): Pat Welsh is presenting Brisbane sport.


Susannah Carr doing National Updates again tonight? Just saw a News Update in the same style as last week’s ones.


I would say that since Paul Kadak left national updates will now be from Perth. Should have always been like that if you ask me.


Wednesday -
Mike Amor presenting in Melbourne tonight filling in for Peter Mitchell.

Jacqueline Felgate presented Afternoon News in Melbourne today.


What organisation (if any) did Amelia Brace come from before Seven? She just popped up in Canberra one day, I think she is a really good journo.


According to LinkedIn she has been with Seven since 2008, spent 2009 at CNN in UK as a news writer and then returned to Seven in 2010 in Queensland.


Susannah Carr is presenting Perth’s 4pm news.


No dedicated weather presenter in Melbourne tonight. Mike Amor reading it instead.


Saturday -
Mike Amor read the weather forecast in Melbourne tonight.

Jacqueline Felgate presented the sport from Moonee Valley Racecourse.


there hasn’t been a dedicated weather presenter in perth for years


Robert Ovadia is reporting from Jakarta.