Seven News Presenters and Reporters


Hopefully, he’s just presenting the updates and someone else will be on at 4.

Not unusual for someone to be presenting the updates and someone else present at 4.


He should be presenting because he said at the end of the update ‘I’ll have more news in our 4pm bulletin and Mark Ferguson will have Seven News at 6.’

He sure is:

Mike Smithson is presenting Adelaide’s afternoon news


Others might disagree and admittedly I don’t know what the guy is like away from the cameras, but I personally think Robert Ovadia is one of the worst journalists on TV news in Sydney if not Australia. Perhaps it’s because of some of his dubious comments on social media (from memory, one completely irrelevantly linked State of Origin night with a murder suspect spending time in jail) and the infamous segue between news about North Korea tensions and Sport during a Saturday night Sydney news bulletin last September.

I’ll forgive you, but again the question has to be asked: What do the people running Seven News Sydney see in Robert Ovadia (and other dubious quality journalists, like Bryan Seymour & Laura Banks) that they didn’t/haven’t with a not insignificant number of arguably superior presenters & reporters who’ve fled the Martin Place newsroom in recent years? Just to refresh your memory…

*Adam Walters
*Patrick Molihan
*Chris Bath
*Adene Cassidy
*Dr Andrew Rochford
*Matthew Snelson
*Damien Smith
*Talitha Cummins
*Lee Jeloscek
*Mike Duffy
*Sarah Cumming
*Cath Turner
*Freya Cole
*Josh Massoud (neither a great reporter or a major loss, but still)
*Paul Kadak (I know he’ll be reporting for Seven overseas, but still a massive loss locally)

…and there’s probably one or two others I’ve missed. Sure, the other Sydney TV news services have had their fair share of presenter/reporter reshuffles in recent years and will likely continue to do so in the future. I also don’t doubt that some of these departures would’ve been due to getting considerably better opportunities elsewhere, but from the perspective of an outsider/viewer it still doesn’t seem like the Martin Place newsroom would be a great place to work or visit right now and it genuinely amazes me that Seven News Sydney continues to rate as high as #2 when things are so instable!


I just found it amusing that he pops up after I mention his name!

It astounds me every time he gets given a newsreading task. As I said on Friday, he is such a wooden presenter, surely there are better options available? I think he is the second worst presenter in Sydney, just behind Ben Fordham. His reporting sounds extremely dubious as well.

Who are the other presenters available though? Angela Cox, Sally Bowrey, Chris Reason and Angie Asimus come to mind, all of whom I think are better. Paul Kadak and Samantha Brett I have seen present updates.

Talitha Cummins and Sarah Cumming used to fill in occasionally on national bulletins, they were solid presenters, but as you said those two are gone.

I personally think that Ovadia should be kept to those late night national news updates at 11:00 when barely any one is watching!


There was a format change on Melbourne’s 4:00PM news today. Sean Sowerby presented sport at 4:22PM. I think this is the first time sport has been presented by someone other than the news presenter since Melbourne launched its 4:00PM local bulletin.

The sport segment also went for around 6 minutes, compared to the previous 2 minutes when it was shown at around 4:40PM.


All those names you mentioned would make for a better fill-in newsreader than Robert Ovadia, even if Chris Reason really should stick to reporting (similar deal with Mark Burrows on Nine) and Paul Kadak is no longer an available option because of his move to the US.

…or even better, banned from the media! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Forgot about Kadak. Should have read your post more closely!


Glad to see Sean Sowerby getting a regular gig again. And yes this is a first for the local Afternoon News.


Probably a make-good for dumping him off weekends.


Susannah Carr is presenting solo in Perth.

Seven News Content and Appearance

Sue has doing solo since last Wednesday


Good to read that she is returning to TV for a stint. However, it would be great to see her back on commercial TV in a prominent role once again.


Agree 100%! Both pretty terrible newsreaders.


Mike Amor is presenting Morning News from Melbourne this week.


Robert Ovadia is presenting Sydney’s afternoon news again and presumably for the rest of the week. :confused:

Mike Smithson is also presenting Adelaide’s afternoon news again.


Brief mention at the end of sports by Pat Welsh of Ben Davis’s return (heard but nor seen) to Seven Brisbane sports reporting tonight “It’s like he never left” said Sharyn.


Who is Ben Smith?


@TV.Cynic means Ben Davis per the first cap.


Yeh - that’s who!


Friday -
Michael Usher is back presenting in Sydney tonight.