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Did someone just put the names Antonio and Ferguson in the same sentence? Absolutely excited.

Are there any promos? I’m yet to see one. :thinking:


There he is! Welcome back!


This thread is about to blow up :joy:


One thing is for certain. Nine News ratings will go up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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A ‘Medibank Health Update’ aired tonight during the first ad break of Melbourne’s bulletin presented by former reporter Mia Greaves, bit of a flashback there! It had the border like the Officeworks ad with the ‘coming up’ down the bottom. It was essentially a one minute ad for Medibank.


Aired in Brisbane too


I saw that a couple of weeks ago in Perth


I was recently in Sydney for a holiday and decided to take a visit to ATN7 over the weekend. Here are a couple of pictures of the studio. There’s not much to see as most of the windows were covered up by the Sunrise/The Morning Show set.

As you can see it looks like the weather presenter does the weather from a green screen near the plasma and window that the Sunrise desk normally sits.


You know what, that set up looks about 100000x better than what they have for the 6pm news.


Adelaide bulletin being run as a “Special Edition” hourlong bulletin. Three live reporters scattered across the suburbs to cover the record-breaking heat of 46.2C, beating the 1939 record of 46.1C.


Actually got to 46.6


I know it got hotter in other suburbs, but I was just listing the official figures.



Any montage of the hour long bulletin in Adelaide?


new 7 Perth promo featuring flashbacks of both Rick And Sue over the last 33 years


Finally! I was hoping that they’d do this eventually, Rick and Sue have been the face of Seven News Perth for so long and have covered some of the Countries and the World’s most significant News events. They deserve the recognition.

Edit: And for the first time since the Osborne Park move in 2015, there is a new “Nobody knows News like Seven” end-tag, with a standing shot of Rick and Sue in front of the Virtual Set. Seems it’ll be sticking around a while longer…


You’d like to think that when the Rick & Sue era comes to an end, there’ll be a special program in primetime for Perth viewers and national recognition of their contributions on 6pm Seven News bulletins across the country, even if only through a short RVO between Sport & Weather.

Not doing something like that to celebrate the breaking of the world record (which I presume has happened by now) was a missed opportunity IMO.

Hard to believe it’s been nearly four years since the first version of the Seven News Perth virtual set was launched. Just where has that time gone?!

Thankfully, the speculated (although keeping in mind the set tweaks which didn’t even last a full year, I’d probably say it would’ve been something that was planned/scrapped) virtual set for Sydney didn’t make it to air…


Does anyone have any caps, i’ve been busy and have missed it.


I’ll see if I can get any via the Plus 7 App for time being when better caps can be made. I didn’t see if they made any tweaks to the Virtual Set though, it looked mostly the same.

That is, if it wasn’t blocked, forgot about that. :expressionless: