Seven News Content and Appearance


Didn’t Seven News on the east coast adopt those TT style stories to fill in there 6PM news hour when they ditched TT to keep those viewers 6:30 viewers happy . I think Perth and Adelaide are somewhat responsible for that too. Because not only do they need to produce stories locally but a lot of the stories like “washing powder” make its way onto TT, because they essentially “need” those stupid stories. Whereas 9, have ACA to shove all those stories into. But that still isn’t an excuse to produce good stories though.


Huh? Both are local stories with some relevancy to the audience. I can tell you that especially development stories do very well.


Someone mentioned on ‘The Latest’ thread that a producer named Sean Power was responsible for the production. I reckon he should be parachuted into director of news/current affairs and they should shunt McPherson. Clean the brand from the inside and have someone new and innovative to produce a quality product unlike the shit we’re seeing nowadays.


Can we also agree that Emma Dallimore (the current deputy director) probably should become the main director of Seven News Sydney? I reckon she’d make decisions which would have a positive effect on Seven’s news bulletins for Sydney, unlike Jason Morrison who seems to be far too influenced by his time at talkback radio.


Brisbane daily promos now have “60 years” under the 7News logo



Gremlins in the system for the sydney bulletin this evening.


7 news Sydney having some major technical issues tonight, they can’t play the first story so are stumbling around


They recovered well. Michael was great. And they came back to it as their third story.


Yes they did very well


Yep, like that, except in the bottom right hand corner of the screen like the usual logo…


Imagine the outcry if they’d taken a few minutes of the Melbourne bulletin while they were sorting out their issues in Sydney…


Montage and caps of the 5pm bulletin:


Is that the first time the Perth news set has been seen across the country?
If so, god help our country! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don’t understand why Perth persists with that stupid opener. Its just so messy, least the Sydney afternoon one has some flow.


This same opener is used for the 4pm weekday news


What a truly horrendous set.


Yes I know, I live in Perth. However, it doesn’t belong on a national broadcast because it was so poorly executed.


Why did it come from Perth?? I’m sure Sydney or Melbourne could have put something together.

I still don’t know why Perth persist with this cartoon set? It’s not 2006 anymore.


For national bulletins out of Perth why bother showing the set? Just start the bulletin with a presenter shot like when Peter Mitchell did the Melbourne news out of the regional studio a couple months ago, or when Tasmania Nightly News comes out of Hobart (even though they have a replica set).