Seven News Content and Appearance



Maybe Kendall was scheduled to do that bulletin too but didn’t make it back in time?


Pretty sure the same thing happened last year.


No. On Friday she said “That is all from the Afternoon News… We will see you in fhe new year.”


Well there you go then.


Seven News Sydney started at 18:03:22 due to the cricket.


Could’ve sworn it started at 18:03:21 :thinking:


LOL you got me there.

Anyone catch the opener.


Seems Seven News Melbourne has tweaked the graphics and is now showing suburb name beneath the LIVE bug.



Producer didn’t enable the time in the Viz template for the live bug.


Quite enjoyed 7News Sydney’s year in review. Went for around 10 mins.


Melbourne had a ‘year in review’ at the end of the news which went for about eight minutes. Quite good I thought.


Send that cammo up to QTQ for Harry!

Because Jason Morrison leads a great newsroom. Every newsroom needs a good leader.


That’s quite debatable, if we’re really honest.


Personally I get the impression that Jason Morrison may have been great doing radio news and in his behind the scenes roles (Chief of Staff + brief time as editor) for Ten many years ago.

But if there’s any element of Jason’s media past is influencing the current/recent content decisions at Seven News Sydney, I suspect it’s his time in talkback radio…and that’s not a good thing.


I’ll take you on face value @Tom_TV7, you’re honest, as am I. Simply have different opinions, no worries, to each their own.


Jason’s a great guy. Great brain for news. Hamstrung in part by a news anchor that has little gravitas and personality and an opposition that is relentless. Kissed on the balls by a strong reporting team which keeps them in the game, but really the problem is what’s in front of the screen and the Mark Ferguson situation needs to be addressed.

There’s only so many promos you can lie to the people of Sydney with, by claiming you’re “Australia’s #1” with Ferguson’s face on it, before you lose all your credibility. If you continue those promos, show every state anchor at the end of the promo. Even Rob McKnight calls these promos false and misleading.


I don’t think Morrison is the problem. A fish rots from the head.


It’s all well and good to say that Jason Morrison is fine when it comes to scheduling on major news days but on many other occasions, I’ve seen the news service under his leadership make very questionable decisions when it comes to their content mix and even their top story while Nine News Sydney (who yes, have content issues of their own but that’s for another topic) is usually showing far more worthwhile reports.

Stories about train station developments and mobile phone-filmed footage of brawls at suburban junior sporting events (the latter of which was actually branded as a “7 News Exclusive” back in July) as the lead story. Today Tonight-level content like a washing powder company being fined for overcharging products and “How Sydney drivers can get cash back from motorway tolls” before far more worthwhile content! :roll_eyes:

I agree with all this.

As for Rob McKnight, can’t we agree that he’s one of the underappreciated heroes of Australian TV when it comes to news service promotion? Like if he was still at Nine now, you really wonder if he’d be smart enough to take swipes at Seven & Ten with promos to the effect of “While other news services claim to be First/#1, at Nine we truly are Sydney’s First/#1 choice for news and here’s why…” - now there’s a great idea if anyone at the TCN news/current affairs promotional department is reading! :wink: