Seven News Content and Appearance


Yes, strange. Why have a different, slightly tweaked one for online compared to TV.


Melbourne have never had a national bulletin over the summer.


No reference to Lifeline, Beyond Blue etc after opening story in Melbourne tonight which covered Majak Daw’s apparent suicude attempt even though it hypothesised about his mental health.


Becuase it’s not even the same year !!!


I don’t really think there’s much to get outraged about. Not like you’re funding their “celebration” lol


If you listen to what Sharyn and Max say in the promo… “During 2019 we mark a milestone… 60 years of bringing you the news”…
That’s appropriate to be aired any time


Brisbane had a 30 minute bulletin tonight. Regional Queensland had their usual local news at 6pm. The Brisbane bulletin was then shown only on 7Two at 6:30pm with local repeat at 7pm.


Tonight’s Sydney opener


Man the whole thing looks terrible after seeing The Latest in the same space.


Agreed! 7 really need to tone down the blue set lighting. The fact that none of the blues match makes it even worse.


The late news highlights exactly how terrible the 6pm and national news set is, everything is so mismatched and the colours do not go together at all.


During this evening’s Melbourne bulletin I noticed a summary of this weekend’s auction results sponsored by (part owned by News Corp). Is this something new? I know Nine News Melbourne has been showing auction results data from Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) for some time now.




Queensland is receiving the local Sydney afternoon news this week- harbour and all.



Melbourne still had a local edition.


Very Sydney centric.

Weather report was just for Sydney and NSW. No mention of Queensland.


Quite the oversight going on there. Is the Queensland Afternoon News not scheduled to be produced locally this week?


That’s shocking.

Surely Seven News Sydney should be nationalising the presentation of the bulletin if they know it’s being shown in Queensland?


Seems like the guys at Martin Place weren’t informed of being aired to Queensland.


Good to see there are some quick thinking camera operators in Sydney. One of them just saved a live cross when a young reporter begun stumbling over his lines. The quick thinking camera operator panned away from the reporter and walked towards the retail staff packing shelves in the background (assuming so the reporter could read his lines). Great save.