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That would be Amelia Broun


Corrected, thanks. Anyway, a shame it wasn’t a tweak going forward, I know it’s a small detail but it would’ve been nice since they used to sign-off for Today Tonight this way towards the late 2000s.

EDIT: Although we didn’t get a proper sign-off tonight, there was just a News Update with Sue, with her saying at the end, “And from all of us at Seven, have a great evening!” so that’s better than nothing.


Rick has lots of personality throughout the bulletins. Often making a comment or remark after a story when they are back to the presenter.


New promo aired in Brisbane tonight


Brisbane accidently aired the double-header VO despite Sharyn anchoring solo.



40 second promo was seen on the Afternoon News today.


I have to say I am very impressed with that Promo. It would be nice to see a bit more of Kay though.


A really lovely promo. It lacks the sensationalism that seems to dominates Nine Brisbane’s promotions campaign and I think THAT is why they are number 1.

I agree about Kay; she doesn’t even appear! I still find this ignorance strange give she is a main factor in Seven being able to claim the following in the promo:

  • “Our peole working for you…” - Kay donates endless hours of her time for charities and campaigns.
  • “decades of experience…”- As BTQ’s longest serving member, I think that speaks for itself.
  • “most trusted news service” Kay has the gravitas like no other in that newsoom and, it should be noted, her weeekend bulletins have been number one since 2013 (when they were losing weeknights).


Angie Asimus presented the late night national update out of Sydney tonight. I thought they were all presented out of Perth now with Susannah Carr?


Well I guess if Seven are going ahead with producing “The Latest” from Sydney, they may as well do the later evening news updates here as well.


Looks like there is a rotation between states with the news updates
Also haven’t seen a promo in Perth for the Latest 7 news yet​:shushing_face::shushing_face:


There was never any indication that they planned to move the late updates to Perth permanently, they might have just been covering for a temporary staff shortage in Sydney or preparations/rehearsals for the new late bulletin (or something else entirely).

Any assumptions that were made on here came before we knew that they were planning to launch a new Sydney-based late bulletin.


Christmas message Sharyn and Max

Kay’s message

Latest promo

Latest weather promo



Max really needs some sharper ties.


Sorry unable to cap anything


Melbourne has a new promo and end tag with the whole team in the city.


Another new promo for Seven News Brisbane, no doubt in response to Nine’s similarly themed promo. The copycatting continues.


Hmm… It also appears to be using the same condensed font that ‘The Latest’ uses.


Great promo :slight_smile: