Seven News Content and Appearance


Brisbane 4pm news opener:

A different weather graphic for the recent weather in QLD

and the graphics blooper on the morning news today.

(Video starts on the weather)


Hope they don’t present the entire 6pm bulletin on location. I thought one of the purposes of a double header was the ability to have one do an OB and the other to read the rest of the days news (and as a back up) in studio.



Far out Seven sent the whole bloody newsroom, Sarah Greenhalgh is up on Fraser Island also.


Seven News Queensland is also doing a royal special at 10:30pm tonight.


Looks like a 2010/11 era graphic, judging by the font.


It’s the same style that 7NEWS Sydney uses for the sport backdrop… eek. It’s spreading :confused:


Just saw this any idea where this backdrop is from I’ve never seen if before but looks nice.


It’s what they use for national updates out of Perth, there is a quick snap of it here as well -


The newsroom in the background is actually Brisbane’s newsroom. It’s used in Perth for afternoon updates and as said the national updates from Perth.

I personally like this one better than Perth’s current afternoon news one, not sure why they insist with the blurry city ones with stupid blue Pillars.


Sussanah Carr just presented a Sydney news update, as it included several Sydney specific stories, which I thought was interesting as Seven News Perth has been on air for the last 50 minutes!


Did she have the Sydney background?


No, just this one.
It had the usual Sydney backdrop for the newsbreak opener though and three Sydney items in it.




This to me sounds like a cost cutting measure.


Generally, all updates are prerecorded right after 7pm. Also, 7 Sydney always seems to get a localised 2130 update.


Is it cost cutting though or making better use of resources? Probably both, I don’t necessarily believe this is a bad thing though. Since the Perth newsroom is the last newsroom in Australia to see the bulk of its staff leave at night it definitely makes sense to do National Updates from there.

As for this Sydney update I don’t know why they are special and get there own localised one at 9:45, although they have been doing them for a while.


Cutting costs. Perth is 3 hours behind so why have someone in the Martin Place studios when there’s a full newsroom in Perth?
Makes sense but it would be a $$ motivation not “better use of resources” - that’s a corporate spin line :wink:


So Perth is now producing national updates for the East Coast?


that’s the question I have. Perth doesn’t usually get the weather flipper so maybe that might change now?