Seven News Content and Appearance


Yeah…that background doesn’t look the greatest. :confused:


Spot the difference :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Looks better without the title.


But how will Seven’s viewers know it’s sport without it being spelt out for them?

I know. Silly question. Seven’s viewers can’t read.


Prime7 are running a promo in Canberra that Seven News Sydney is the Number 1 news hour:


‘Experience is Authority’

Presenter-wise that is very questionable and laughable.


In case you’ve forgotten what the previous afternoon news backdrop globe looked like - an even bigger globe!


Been wondering for a while why Seven don’t use:

“Seven News… New South Wales’ #1

“Seven News… Victoria’s #1

(Which is technically true) :+1:


If Nine News Regional continues the way it is, then why not?


What the actual hell is that?


A ferris-wheel, in 7 News Galaxy.


Images showing that two panels were changed in Brisbane

Also seen in two-person opening medium shot


Seven News has been dominating regional Australia long before that… But I get your point :wink:


It’s like they just throw words into a blender and see what comes out.


I’m not quite sure whether Seven News at 6pm would actually be the most watched news bulletin in NSW (at least not yet anyway) especially when these factors are taken into consideration…

In Sydney, Nine News is #1.

In Northern NSW, NBN News is an absolute ratings powerhouse (mainly due to Newcastle of course, but still).

Seven News Sydney does not air on weeknights in the Central West, Riverina, North West and North Coast regions because Prime7 runs their own 6.30pm “national” or “state” bulletin into those markets.

Yes, Seven News Sydney reaches more viewers than Nine News Sydney but I’m not sure you could say Mark Ferguson leads “New South Wales’ #1 news” based on that alone.


Someone needs to write a random “news promo noun” generator.

“See the experience”
“Authority is first”
“Experience the switch on Nine News”
“That’s why you’ll experience the authority first on Seven News”
“The authority of Adelaide”
“First is why you’ll see Seven News on experience”


Only RegionalTAM, the networks & subscribers would have the sub-market information.

But based off Nth NSW + Sth NSW (which as you mentioned could be considered unfair because Seven News Sydney doesn’t air to all sub-markets)…

“Seven News” is consistently higher than “Nine News” in regional NSW :+1:

(The publically available weekly Top 20 is available online for the past few years, even further back via Wayback Machine if you want to correct me).


Looks like I was right.


@Tom_TV7 Where did you get that cap from? What time during the bulletin does Ann sit in front of the plasmas?


@nationalnews from yesterday’s afternoon news. I think the angle where she interacts with Jim for sports changed a bit, and I did post something earlier of the different angle used on Seven News Sydney.