Seven News Content and Appearance


Seven Perth is a quality example of how people view news. People don’t watch news just because of sets (only us people here on MS), but more on the substance and quality of the bulletin.

TBH, Seven Perth does have some rubbish content these days, but people still trust them because for years they were ahead of Nine in terms of presenters, content and appearances. Nine is trying to claw back with good content and a great set, but unfortunately it seems that Perth viewers doesn’t really give a crap about the sets.

Nine News Perth is probably very similar to Seven News Sydney and Melbourne which were known for presenter changes every 3-4 years, while Seven Perth is basically the Nine News Sydney and Nine News Melbourne on the West Coast, and for as long as Rick and Sue stay on Seven, I don’t think many Perth viewers would switch to James McHale, Narelda Jacobs or Tim and Emmy any time soon.


Suprisingly more people actually watch Ten News Perth than Nine News

I ask my self that question every night at 6, I was expecting there to be set modifications during the WA election coverage as we saw last night. It will be interesting to see how they do the WA election coverage using that set. As for a new set it probably won’t come for a while but I think Seven Perth won’t use virtual next set, they probably regret it and Craig will probably say no as it doesn’t fit with the brand.


Not Surprising. She is an excellent anchor who Ten should keep at all costs.


Unfortunately I can’t see the Content & On-Air Presentation standards of Seven News Perth dramatically being dragged and kicked screaming into modern times until the arrival of increased competition, similar to what happened with Nine’s 6pm bulletins in Sydney & Melbourne around the Late '90s/Early-Mid 2000s.

I agree. If anything, I’d probably say that Nine News’ newer sets are alienating viewers but that’s for another topic.

Seven News doesn’t dominate the ratings in Perth because of their current standards of Content & On-Air Presentation which IMO, are a bit on the average side. Seven News dominates in Perth because for many years, Seven traditionally had better standards of Content & On-Air Presentation than Nine.

And of course even though it really goes without saying, Seven News also dominates the ratings in Perth because of Rick & Sue who have been there for over three decades. I daresay that the entire country will be aware of Rick & Sue from Seven News Perth later this year when they get the world record for the longest serving duo of newsreaders on television.


I previously did an analysis of the Perth news ratings for the period from the start of Nine’s new set in week 39 to end of official ratings and compared that to the same period in the previous year. Nine News was down 16% while Seven’s bulletin was 1% lower.


Though IMO people go to ABC News not because of the presenter but because of the quality of news. James McHale is one of the most wooden presenters I’ve ever seen - no banter whatsoever with the other presenters and is really cold to viewers (mostly) up until saying goodnight.

Not really surprising, Narelda has been in the chair for 9 years with one presenter change in that time. I think viewers have. Built a connection and trust with her (we’ve seen her on NEW’s screens since 2000 and filled in for Shultzy for a couple of years).

Sure Emmy was on TVW for years, but why have the princess when you can have the king and queen. STW has seen so many presenting changes in the past few years it feels like a revolving door.

STW may not be the leader in ratings but their social media is to the contrary. A quick google shows me STW is at 565 156, TVW has 476 797, NEW has 89 224 and the ABC has 40 571 likes.

STW definitely has the younger viewers but they don’t get their butts to the TV sets, when they can watch it live from their darn computers. now be gone and get off my lawn


Not so many really. According to the the new LIVE VPM ratings just 1,000 people watched the live steam of Nine News in the whole of Australia in week 5 on their computer and phone thingies :slight_smile:


As I’ve said before, Nine just needs to stay with Tim and Emmy for at least the next 32 years, and even then it may not be enough, as I can imagine Rick and Sue still presenting for at least another 5 years if not 10. Rick and Sue are definitely legends of Australian TV IMO.


Worth noting that the two top rated metro news bulletins in the country are both 30 minute bulletins. Perhaps Nine could introduce a dedicated current/public affairs show at 6.30 to compete with TT and ditch the one hour news format.


Well it’s not at 6:30, but…

Doesn’t ACA compete with TodayTonight already? Perhaps it would be a good idea, but then again, they are pretty much the same, excluding the content each night, so viewers might want to watch another channel instead.


I think it would have to be Perth based.


Ah I see, I forgot that ACA is a national program, and doesn’t do local iterations of the program.


Nine already have one of those (albeit, at 7pm)…it’s called A Current Affair! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But seriously, local editions of ACA in Adelaide & Perth were tried back in the WIN ownership era of 2008-09 and for whatever reason (I suspect because the local Adelaide & Perth editions of TT were more established, even back then) they didn’t take off so it was back to the Sydney…I mean, national edition with Tracy Grimshaw after a year or so.


If Rick and Sue were based in Sydney or Melbourne there profiles would be huge
Because they are Perth base they aren’t in that league which is a real shame


Re: the new sports display on Seven News Brisbane. Should have mentioned that it comes into playu on the local afternoon news as well.




New background for 7 news Sydney sport as Mark crosses to Jim and also behind Jim.


Didn’t get the shot behind Jim:


Copying Nine anyone? Looks pretty good anyway, only wish it came a year earlier!



7 news Sydney had a stadium background well before 9 news Sydney.