Seven News Content and Appearance


6PM backdrop


Same one?


As if cutting the top of the skyline off wasn’t enough now they are covering half of it with those ridiculous pillars.

And I’d forgotten how absurd that desk is. Worst news set in Australia by a country mile (and we have A LOT of garbage in this country).


They have added Elizabeth Quay


I think it’s mostly the same, but the “SEVEN NEWS” word banner from the 4.30 News isn’t there.


Sorry I should have been clearer. Isn’t it relatively the same background that was used for the 4.30/Afternoon News (or whatever it’s called in Perth these days lol)?


Is that desk 100% real, or is it partly virtual?

It looks like an overly large pool table.


I’m pretty sure the desk and platform are both 100% real, even including those horrible pixelated plasmas on the front.


It’s real, judging from the previous pictures I’ve seen taken outside of the bulletin. The screen graphic on the desk is real too, that animates and also is seen in the pictures I mentioned. Would if been nice for them to update the desk with the modified 7NEWS logo :confused:


More caps would of been up early but tried adding it to other post which took ages to load



This post by NewsAustralia might shed some light on what is real vs virtual in the Perth studio.


Still prefer a LIVE shot of Perth.


Just saw a new Seven News promo.

With Kochie and Sam, Brendon Donohue, Jane Bunn, Peter Mitchell, Jennifer Keyte & Tim Watson.

Anyone got caps/video, including of version in Sydney, etc?


It seems that endtag is only for weekends with another one airing this week with just Bill and Sharyn.


.[quote=“NewsKing, post:3240, topic:103, full:true”]
About time they included Kay, she’s the only reason they can claim being number one!
[/quote]It seems that endtag is only for weekends with another one airing this week with just Bill and Sharyn


7Perth studio pics (courtesy of NewsAustralia)


Judging by those pics, it looks like Seven Perth have enough room in their current studio to build a proper set that can be used for both the news and TT. So why haven’t they?! :confused:


That’s a billion dollar question. But the answer is, so as long as they continue to be No.1 in Perth, Rick and Sue would probably present in front of a black board with a globe drawn on it and still smash Nine in the ratings.

After all, Seven Perth was known to fall behind their east coast counterparts in terms of news sets. I honestly wish that they actually built a ‘Martin Place 2016’ set in Perth, which is probably the best they can do in terms of set one day but for some reason, I don’t think that’s gonna happen soon.


There isn’t anything to suggest that a change to the set would do anything to improve the bulletin except perhaps in the eyes of media enthusiasts. Nine’s new set hasn’t seen its audience grow.