Seven News Content and Appearance


Different angle with the cross to sports (Weather was also done in Green Screen tonight with no cross. Maybe they’re building a bigger screen?)


Much better angle. I rejoiced when I saw that last night.


Is it possible if someone could upload the Seven Early News broadcast tomorrow? perhaps @ScreenTower? Haven’t seen Sean Berry or Angela present early news.


They usually do (or did?) the start/end of it from the screen though…


New Queensland endtag:


It’s good to see they actually included Kay, she puts shame on Bill and Sharyn!


Seven Sydney hasn’t been showing too much of the set off, lately. No fancy studio sweep play-ins and a different angle for the sports throw. Wonder why?


This may sound weird, but I think they are doing it as a form of simple presentation in response to the new ‘fancy’ set on Nine News. And if the ratings are anything to go by, Seven News Sydney will continue with this simple approach and with Mark Ferguson.


Their studio looks so much better with that new Brisbane Backdrops on the side.


I don’t watch at 6pm anymore, how long has it been going on for? Might just be a cost-saving measure as the jib is used for all the wider shots and requires a dedicated operator.




About time they included Kay, she’s the only reason they can claim being number one!


Been happening the last few nights. Maybe the jib operator is on holidays? :wink:


Same thing has happened recently in Adelaide with the tight shots, as I found out last week. Maybe there is an extended jib camera conference they’ve all gone away for.


I can confirm new backgrounds in Perth tonight :blush:


could be new set in Perth… more to come

EDIT: Slight modifications to set… still not the best but I guess it’s a slight improvement


According to The Australian today, Seven will host the only debate during the WA state election campaign, between Premier Colin Barnett and Labor leader Mark McGowan. The debate will be shown in WA next Wednesday week (February 22) at 6.30pm, hosted by Monika Kos.


Virtual Set Perth 2.0, least it’s not the Tosh O set!




I don’t mind the Perth backdrop just don’t like how they have randomly put pillars with the map of Australia on it. It would be ok if they made the city a bit more brighter instead of the darkness effect.