Seven News Content and Appearance


There haven’t been wide shots for quite some time, at least as long as jane and john have returned from their Christmas break and not just tonight.

I’m not a fan of the green screen ‘fake studio’ either… maybe the tv on the right of set is broken?


Well there you go, must have been longer than I thought since I’ve seen the bulletin. Thanks for the clarification.


Yeah wherever Sunrise is for the foreseeable future, I doubt there will be ever automation for the studio that it occupies. Too complex, especially when news bulletins have so many gremlins and that in most cases is only a 2 camera setup!


Brown did the weather on Sunrise 9 years ago. A short stint before being dumped for no reason. That weather tracker also disappeared for good


Great exclusive tonight. 7 News uncover the best buffet in Sydney.


This is getting ridiculous. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Seven News Sydney became ACA 2.0.


Then there is me, who can’t wait.


Well they did ‘combine’/‘merge’ (whatever they said at the time) Today Tonight with 7News…

With this sort of content perhaps they chose the wrong name for the combined programme?


7 Adelaide have now updated the weekend promo endboard to match the weekday promos:


Another disgusting virtual backdrop used in Perth last night.


I’d now like to remind everyone that this is proudly brought you by the same news service which several months back, used a non-textured rip off of the “Tosh.O” virtual background for a report!


Can’t they just build a f**king set? How hard can it be?


Why don’t they just utilise the green screen backdrop like they did for special reports last year?


A more accurate and better version would be this (credits to @MBB)


I’m almost certain that has been used before, i’m also tempted to email Howard Gretton (Perth news director) and write a huge formal rant about how Seven News Perth’s content and appearance is disgusting. I would expect these types of things from regional news providers but not Seven. They have a bad habit of showing promos about Eagles/Dockers stars and there injuries, sometimes they even begin with the stories as a lead at 6.00. Finally, If your going to go virtual do it properly or don’t have it at all, there virtual set looks like it was made using squares and textures on PowerPoint…


Yea, I kinda wish Seven Perth’s management changed last year, so there would be more polish to Seven News Perth’s Content and Appearance. Perth’s most watched News service deserves it, and its been seriously lacking since the move to Osbourne Park. I miss the old set too…

It’s missing the authority it used to have during the mid 2000s, it’s starting to look more like a regional bulletin, and doesn’t look consistent to the brand like the other state bulletins. I hope when Rick & Sue finally beat the world record, maybe some changes may happen to signify their achievement, and add more polish to the bulletin.


Seven Perth are just being complacent because they are untouchable. So long as the ratings are good, they are going to do diddly squat.

Just remember how long it took them to update their set to the wood and twisted metal look. I’m pretty sure Sydney updated to the 3 plasma screens by then.


I agree.

As far as On-Air Presentation of Seven News Perth is concerned, comparisons to Nine Sydney back in the 1990s (their On-Air Presentation was also very basic for many years, until increased competition forced them to update) come to mind.

Seven News Perth updated their set to the wood/twisted metal look in 2010 (which lasted until February 2015), but Sydney updated to the three screen & “Sunbeam iron desk” set in 2011.


I remember Sydney updating around 2000ish to a more modern look for the set (Brisbane had the same sort of look too) during Brian Henderson’s final years, and I think when Roscoe turned up at Seven, Nine changed their keyed background to a live image of Sydney (happy to be corrected on this). But yeah agreed on them getting a bit sloppy with updating, but at the same time - they still had the better polished product compared to Seven.

Well it wasn’t really all that long before Sydney ditched the twisted metal/wood set lol. And they were definitely some awesome looking sets (at the time). Nine had nothing on Seven during that era.


Caps of the update and Opener of Seven News Perth as Angela Tsun returns.