Seven News Content and Appearance


Current Promo for David Brown’s Weather airing here in Sydney:

Still running the rather questionable “Sydney’s Only News Meteorologist” line! Seven are aware of Graham Creed, aren’t they?


They said they had the most accurate weather, not factually correct promos. Technically they can get away with it.


With the new ratings starting Sunday week are there likely to be any changes to 7 news presentation Etc


Good point, hopefully the elements from the Better Homes and Gardens promo come to the On-Air Presentation, and also Hoges: The Paul Hogan Story premieres this Sunday :+1:



Personally, I can see the current On-Air Presentation for Seven News being used for all of this year. The current graphics were only launched in July/August last year!


Oh wait, I thought he was referring to Seven’s On-Air Presentation. Sadly, I doubt a change to the News graphics so soon, but hopefully it’s more often in the future than a few years later…


Please don’t put blue…


A red, black and white combo sounds nice… :sunglasses::+1:


Since the general channel/network On-Air Presentation was given a bit of a shake up at the start of 2016 after using the previous branding for a few years, I don’t see much changing there this year.

I agree. Personally, I think I’d prefer to see some more technological upgrades made at Seven (ie, keeping up with Nine by producing/airing as much of the news in HD as possible) before introducing any new graphics.


Seven should try and learn from Nine in every aspect, with the exception of moving to automation. But sadly I think that’s gonna happen one day…


Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth are all automated.


I prefer the current Seven News graphics to Nine - they take up a lot less screen real estate and are missing the pointless white rectangle in the bottom left corner.


I agree. Seven News has cleaner graphics than Nine News IMO.


I doubt Martin Place will ever be automated. The studio space is just too small and too complex for it to work.


Speaking of graphics, someone did say they saw on screen graphics for news during programming in Perth. This was captured a few days ago, very unusual for Perth these types of things are generally left for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane but I guess there trying to be somewhat consistant.


Yes I agree.

Unfortunately, I think there’s probably going to be a time in the medium-long term future when Seven will say goodbye to the Martin Place studios in favour of a cheaper, more automation-friendly location.


Maybe the heat has just got to my head, but something weird going on in Adelaide tonight. No wide shots of the studio, a live cross that would usually be done in studio was done via green screen, presenter shots look kind of keyed. Interesting to see Today Tonight in a few minutes.


I wish Seven News Adelaide (and Nine News Adelaide for this case) actually did less OBs for weather and more in-studio weather.

BTW the studio is seen in sports.


Seven Adelaide was exclusively in studio weather before Amelia took over from Melody. I like the OBs, mixes it up a bit.

They had a three presenter shot in the crosses to and from sport, but something still feels a bit different.


Maybe because no reporter want to stay outside in 40 degrees heat. I should also mention that it is still 41 degrees in Adelaide.