Seven News Content and Appearance


I notice during The Chase news headlines were running across the screen
Haven’t notice this before in Perth


7 News the brand is. So it’s correct.


I think Mischevious is referring to the lines in current/recent Seven News Sydney promos like…

“It takes years of experience to earn your place in the number one newsroom in the country with Mark Ferguson”


Doesn’t matter. They’re still number one for morning news and afternoon news, so it’s correct. Decietful maybe, but technically correct, yes.


I have to agree with this post.


With Sunrise having won 14 weeks straight including every day this year, I don’t think they will be making any sudden and/or significant changes. They seem to have worked out their issues from last year and have a very comfortable lead in the breakfast ratings.


What’s with the sudden influx of lunatic set/presenter warriors? They’re doing something right if they’re winning and that’s what actually matters.


Just because something is popular, doesn’t mean it’s above criticism.


No-one said otherwise. However, pointing out the viewer preference can be a good counter to criticism, and helps to base the discussion in the realities of TV programming. There’s no point advocating significant format changes that are just based on a personal preference without taking into account what will happen to viewer numbers. I could hardly say for example that “Seven should get rid of that terrible newsreading duo in Perth” and not expect to have their popularity pointed out.


Message for Gold Coast viewers

Issues, Ideas, Suggestions
Issues, Ideas, Suggestions

7 News Melbourne having some issues with VizRT tonight???


As I only watch Seven News Queensland on weekends, I just noticed tonight that BTQ have finally replaced that horrid blue-yellow panel behind the sports presenter with a still night shot of Brisbane skyline. It looked so much better. Not sure if it has been in place since Monday.


First time tonight



Looks so much better. Now if only they can get rid of the awful blue in the studio…


Is that a screen or a static image?


Judging by the shape I’d say it’s just a lightbox.

It’s an improvement but I’m sure we all agree that Seven Brisbane is in pretty dire need of a brand new set. It and the regional Queensland sets must be the only ones in the country left with rear-projection screens.


Seven News is in pretty dire need of a brand new set in most markets if you ask me. But since the current Sydney/national set is arguably influenced by Brisbane’s current/recent look set in parts (what with all the blue lined panels and stuff), I can’t see much changing anytime soon.

I’d say that the new backdrop for the “Sports” section of Brisbane’s set is just printed out, with maybe a lightbox to enhance the brightness. A slight improvement on the godawful blue/yellow panel but I’m not overly amazed by it.


Their current set could look much better if it wasn’t for the tweaks.


When I first saw it in the close-ups, I thought it was a plasma but in the wideshot it looks like a panel.

[quote=“eddel, post:3155, topic:103”]
It’s an improvement but I’m sure we all agree that Seven Brisbane is in pretty dire need of a brand new set.
[/quote] With this recent modifications and the Gold Coast receiving a similar set, I think we can safely say that Seven News Brisbane isn’t getting a new set anytime soon.


Sydney should as well. TDE set can be used for weather screen as well.