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Seven News graphics packages from the old Media Spy Vault


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Nice find! Would like to see an archive coverage of 9/11 and major news events such as the Sydney Siege on this forum. Two significant events of our time

Interesting points.


  1. 9/11 dates back before MediaSpy was invented, so no threads.
  2. Sydney Siege wasn’t major news coverage (i.e.) disaster or election

Examples would be Black Saturday, Queensland 2011 Floods & Elections.

Yes I would suggest it was a major news coverage. For example your beloved Channel 10 ran Studio 10 for eight hours with rolling coverage.


Black Saturday, QLD floods in 2011 & Elections ran for days (if not a week or two) and two of which involved numerous deaths… That’s what Inwas getting at. But I take your point :slight_smile:

Are they any archives of Seven News’ August 31st 2004 relaunch?

From the night of the relaunch:


Thanks. I tried checking for archives of the 2004 relaunch when the old site was still live, as well as the Seven News threads, but no dice. Were they any to begin with?

There was I remember reading them last year…


are you joking or are you insane? It was intense rolling coverage for hours and hours.



I was talking about the archive. There wasn’t a dedicated page I could find.

Like there was for the catastrophic natural disasters in 2009 (Black Saturday) & 2011 (QLD floods) for example.

cause that’s an old page from before the siege, but saying the Sydney Siege wasn’t major news coverage is a bit far-fetched.

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