Seven Network promotions

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Details of Seven’s presence at the Royal Easter Show, as per today’s liftout in the Sunday Tele.


Mike Dalton’s reports for Nine > the novelty of seeing Prime7 & WIN at Homebush > whatever Seven’s doing.

Sorry, couldn’t resist! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The 7 Experience is only open 10:00am to 5:00pm Mon-Fri, until 6:00pm weekends and public holidays, but the Show opens at 9:00am and closes from 9:30pm. The stand should be open for longer.

I will visit the Royal Easter Show for the first time, on Easter Sunday. I should remember to visit the Seven stand.

Maybe there should be a dunking tank for him - raise money for some worthwhile charity. That or a punching booth. :rofl:

Now that would be a stand I’d like to see! :laughing:

Probably because that’s when they can get people to come along I guess. I’ll be there early enough, my free ticket now includes a Saturday! (Thanks Sydney Thunder! :wink: )

The afore-mentioned Seven Experience at the Royal Easter Show

The outside

One side is a mock up of the Chase Australia set where Andrew O’Keefe asks random questions and you try to answer them. You can get a photo of you at the buzzer afterwards. I did this one.

The other side are video areas for a mock Sunrise weather cross and 7 News Sydney set. I didn’t do this one.

Didn’t take photos of the MKR or H&A showbags, but they didn’t interest me.


My Kitchen Rules contestants Matt and Luke visited Seven Experience today.

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I didn’t get to visit the Seven Experience when I went the Royal Easter Show today, I arrived at 4.45pm and the tent closed at 5pm. I did take a photo of MKR and H&A showbag however.

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While I’m sure the average show-goer would get a decent enough kick out of presenting a mock segment from either of the cardboard Seven News Sydney, Sunrise Weather or The Chase Australia sets, I think media enthusiasts like us would be rather underwhelmed by it overall.

Seven had a far better set-up at the Royal Easter Show in 2010 when news bulletins were presented there.

Heck, even the Seven News Live Experience of 2013-14 was probably better than the current “Seven Experience” dome because the former seemed to be open at night then (as you’ll see below, Sarah Cumming presented a weather segment there in 2014) and freebie bags handed out with presumably Seven logo-infused merch:


Seven is holding a AGT viewer competition as advertised in today’s Sunday Herald Sun. More details can be found here


Next week (November 11-15) Seven is holding a viewer competition during The Chase Australia, in which viewers can win a New Age Wayfinder Camper (from New Age Caravans), and $10,000 BIG4 gift voucher, accommodation vouchers and BIG4 Holiday Park memberships. You have to watch the show for the daily codeword.

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Seven News, The Courier-Mail and Herald Sun are holding a new viewer competition, with the prize being a $2000 backyard entertainment pack, including a 4K TV, Bluetooth speakers, a Weber BBQ and BBQ utensils. The competition starts tomorrow (September 13) and ends on September 17.

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