Seven Network Brand Refresh 2022

I quite liked the new angled brand refresh they did late last year, so I used that idea to create some beginning mocks. I’ll create more when my photoshop actually stops deciding to crash…
Hope you enjoy, feedback is

I took advantage of the current angled graphics which I like with the current package, but I spiffed them up slightly with some gradients. I might redo that to make the lower third OAP less intense though…

Didn’t have time to create a 7Plus logo, I’ll edit this topic when I get a chance.
But this is what it would look like, with alternating theme colours between different shows.
PS: I took inspiration from the 2000 seven logo, which has different colours.



Not a fan of the font


What fonts would you suggest or use

I like the lines, but that font isn’t very appealing, and the logo just looks like a number 7 in whatever font.