Seven Network 2023

Discussion of Seven Network programs for 2023.

Seven’s Upfronts are Tuesday 25 October.


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Is there a live stream of 7’s like 9 and 10?

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I really look forward to this evening’s upfronts, given there are so many questions on Seven’s programming plans for 2023 and beyond.

  • Will there be an announcement on Seven’s partnership with an existing streaming platform?
  • Will there be an announcement on which network will broadcast the 2024 Paris Olympics and 2026 Commonwealth Games?
  • Since Australian Idol is set for Q1, will The Voice be scheduled for Q3 or Q4?
  • Will the debut of Million Dollar Island be delayed by the discovery of asbestos on site in Malaysia?
  • Apart from the previously announced Claremont mini-series, which new drama(s) has Seven planned for next year?
  • How will Seven promote the 2023/24 summer of cricket given it will possibly be the last time the network broadcast home internationals involving Australian men’s and women’s teams?

Hopefully we get some new improvements to Seven’s coverage of the AFL.

Seven advised that there is no live stream this year.


I think any improvements to Seven’s coverage of the AFL will have to wait until 2024, the year before the new broadcast rights deal begins.


That is true, though I thought they may something new to announce, since one of the letters in the promotional image is shaped by Seven-branded footballs.

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Probably just promotion of their new deal.

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The decoration at the entrance to the upfront presentation (Hoyts Entertainment Quarter at Sydney’s Moore Park) is the same as the event logo.

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There is an upfronts page at inside7. Not sure if that is where the live stream is going to be.

Not sure.

Confirmed (based on casting/upfront site)

Million Dollar Island
Big Brother
Australian Idol
Blow Up
This is Your Life
Farmer Wants a Wife
Horse Racing
My Kitchen Rules
The Logies

Expected to return:
The Morning Show
The Latest
7NEWS Spotlight
The Chase Australia
The Front Bar
Home and Away

SAS Australia
The Voice Generations
Apartment Rules
Dancing with The Stars: All Stars
Fam Time
Around the world in 80 days
The Ipcress Files

If anyone has the link and it is something else please pm me

No live stream…

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Got this very low quality image from a leaked article that must have been sent out before upfronts.


Looks like a new channel.

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Seven sold the rights to BBC First which recently finished airing the first season. It has been renewed for a second season.

I think they are both one-off mini-series.

Green 7 channel? What could it be? * cue thread with 500 unnecessary comments speculating a sport channel to a shopping channel *

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According to TV Tonight’s David Knox, the upfront is a cinema screening, with free choc tops and popcorn for audience members.

So it looks like everything from the presentation is pre-recorded.

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