Seven Network 2021

except Seven would overdo it and it would become like an MKR 2.0. (which is ironic given that MKR was originally in part a rip off of CDWM)

Whereas the format as it is, fairly low-key, works best.


That is true. I do think there is a place for Come Dine With Me. Especially with the current multis that all networks have.

seems like a strong lineup considering how much content was lost in MKR and HR. I don’t think they will be missed at all.

and there is still every chance that something for later in the year will be announced early 2021. The one i keep thinking of is Instant Hotel. the first season showed promise then the second season was never really given a chance and never heard from again, i think it still had life.

Tvtonight says The Voice is after the olympics, looks like AGT is late 2021 then Idol in Feb 2022. I think There should be a bigger gap and Idol should be pushed to late 2022, 7 has struggled with their final quarter for years, and that could be the answer.


Australian Idol?

Now do Yassmin’s Getting Married next.


Full details of upfront announcements

Seven Network Upfronts 2021

May I just ask, is it known if there are any plans set for new episodes in 2021 by Greenstone?
Or else, there isn’t a huge advantage in leaving it for a primetime spot next year…

All the clips from today’s upfronts can be seen here

EDIT: now includes the entire upfront presentation

For the first time since 2009, Seven will have neither My Kitchen Rules or House Rules on the air. Instead it will rely on a new bunch of shows to take on the juggernaut that is Married at First Sight. The general line-up looks promising but the programming hole that is Thursday nights remains to be fixed.

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No mention of AFLW (I guess to be fair it hasn’t been confirmed a 2021 season is actually going ahead yet)

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I’d expect Thursday Night Football to be on Seven for 22 weeks from March - September.



The Shire is more interesting to Seven :rofl:

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But what about Sydney, Brisbane and Perth when Thursday Night Football is on 7mate? You can’t just air triple episodes of Home and Away and repeat movies every week.


World’s Funniest Dog/Cat/Fish/Politician Videos


Once some of the revived reality shows start flailing, they can revive more reality shows in 2022/2023 like It Takes Two and Australia’s Next Top Model. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Looks like we’ve got them all

7.30 doesn’t look too bad. post-8.30 is still very bare. Fam Time looks like it’s disappeared into nowhere. RFDS looks decent and good to see Australian Gangster airing next year but such a shame there’s no other dramas. The Good Doctor and 9-1-1 are on their last legs ratings wise so can’t really depend on them either. Also such a shame they’re not producing any more factuals other than Highway Patrol.

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No mention of the ubiquitous Seven series TBA in today’s upfronts :thinking:


If Seven lost the AFL in a few years, I’d imagine a revival of Hey Hey It’s Saturday?

NO! :face_vomiting:

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Seven announced Idol and Beijing Olympics despite being 15 months away

They also announced Australian Gangster three years ago. :wink:

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what happened to Mates on a Mission and Wife Swap?