Seven Network 2019

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Or even X Factor.


Expect Shane Jacobson to host and it’s likely why Little Big Shots hasn’t been announced as returning in 2019 because they’re bringing back this shit as not much else has worked for them so far.


Given the success of people on these kind of shows, that’s questionable


Yuck. Devoid of any new ideas they wheel out a failed format.


RIP Seven 1956-2019


I must admit to reading the media release a few times looking for the punch line before posting :slight_smile:


The problem with both the AGT and Ten’s Dancing with the Stars reboots is it’s hard to see what will be different about either which would attract viewers to give it a 2nd look


10 would probably do a better job than Seven at reboots (Survivor being a main example). They know how to attract younger viewers (with Survivor, Bachelor, Masterchef etc.)


The Masked Singer would have been a better format to go with. Or Popstars with a focus on making a new all girl group and watching the finalists every night in a house as they transform their lives.


I think the show could do better back on 7 that it ever did on 9 - never felt like a natural fit. However… unnecessary and surely expensive commission from 7?


And choice of judges play a part too. As much as Dannii is great, I think there should be a totally new lineup. And hopefully not another Spice Girl or Mr ‘typical Seven viewer choice’ Shane Jacobson :). If they want to find a British - David Walliams from Little Britain seems like a great choice.


Not sure if I’d go that far. But if Nine play their cards right (they still need one or two more hit shows in the right places, namely in Q2), I think Seven’s decade+ long run at the top might eventually come to an end!

Yeah, but Australia’s Got Talent reached its ratings peak around the 2007-11 timeframe when it discovered acts like Mark Vincent, Justice Crew, Bonnie Anderson and a couple of others who’s names escape me right now, but they had moderate success for a brief period!

But with the format crashing and burning for Nine only a couple of years ago while “shiny floor talent” formats are currently on the wane in general, I highly doubt the general public (well OK, maybe one ex-member of these forums might) will be overly excited about the format’s return to Seven.


Wait, I thought this was a joke.
Are they actually serious? Why bring it back when it flopped on Nine not very long ago?


Something that hasn’t been mentioned much, is how Married actually beat MKR (including consolidated) this year, albeit the latter was staggered due to major sport events.
Should be of great concern to Seven, as Married will only get bigger (if producers keep it like this season) and with the Aus Open promotion and lead-in for Nine.

However, it should be noted, that despite this, Seven still won most (if not nearly all) weeks in Quarter 1 and Quarter 2, helped by later in the week and multi-channels.

If Nine can fix Friday/Saturday nights and get their multi-channels bigger (including completely re-thinking 9Go! which went backwards and TBBT clearly isn’t working in terms of deep 7 night programming), then I agree Seven could be in trouble.


Love to see David down under :blush:


Well if they loved the show so much why didn’t they keep it back in 2012 (along with DWTS and X Factor) rather than axing all of them only to invest in crap formats that audience don’t resonate with? If it’s because of ratings then they should have these like The Block to grow an audience.

Now they’re bringing back a turd that’s died off a long time ago due to their inability to persist and letting the show go to Nine. Serves them right if this flops along with their ‘love shows’.


Why are people reacting to this like it’s a personal attack on them? It’s just a bloody TV show that will potentially run once a week for about 10 to 12 weeks. Calm down and carry on.


I think it’s more of constructive criticism at the recycling of dead formats. I’m sure you would agree with the fact that revivals aren’t the way to go.


Of course. I have no interest in watching revivals or reboots.

But then again if we use your analogy regarding The Block. Nine axed it and then brought it back a few years later to arguably bigger success and it’s still going strong. Sometimes reboots work.


Rarely. For every success story like The Block, there’s even more about revived programs/formats failing because audiences realised why the show was axed in the first place.