Seven HD

Southern Cross carries 9HD and 9Life in all markets except Spencer Gulf/Broken Hill, as does the TDT joint venture in Tasmania.

Imparja, WDT, MDV, and WIN’s supplementary stations do not carry 9HD or 9Life.

We have a channel grid showing the various HD stations that I have tried to keep up to date - any changes needed?

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Yes, SC7 HD in Tas.

7HD is on the grid for Tasmania

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7HD is still 7HD. The way it should’ve been from the start. 7mateHD will mean you’ll miss your favourite shows in HD like ABCHD, 9HD and 10HD. I like watching the news in full HD


Well i would say that the deal could have been a trial? Again all speculation but well for those who wanted 7HD back on a permanent basis, won. Is it still full HD though?
I give up in thinking in 7mateHD will return :stuck_out_tongue:

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Looks like it’s a permanent thing. Well done 7 for listening to viewers

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I think Seven are terrified of rocking the boat even slightly right now. Their schedule isn’t firing like it always used to at this time of year and things are only going to get harder for them after Easter. The impact of switching 7HD off might be less than 1% but those are viewers that Seven cannot afford to lose right now.

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Meanwhile, at Prime… :crescent_moon::pensive:


You’d also be surprised how much breakaways and simulcasts over different channels causes nightmares within the actual network on a day to day basis also. So I’m not surprised the “switch” didn’t happen.
Easier to have it streamlined across the board mimicking the main channel I’m guessing.


Pretty sure regional Qld is still in SD on the main channel.


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About time Prime got its act together and switched its main channel to HD.

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With both metro Seven and SC Tasmania having primary channels in HD, there has to be pressure building behind Prime7/GWN7 and remaining Seven and SC stations. The only question is, when will they crack?

Seven just dominated every night the past week…

How is their schedule “not firing” :disappointed:

I think you missed this bit Luke:

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t so many years ago when MKR got over 1.5 million viewers an episode! Not so much these days.

And after Easter it’ll probably be House Rules vs The Voice vs MasterChef. Not exactly what I’d call weak competition for Seven.

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As per Prime7’s contact page
I’ve e-mailed again, (replying to the generic auto reply message I got when I asked why the Aus Open wasn’t in HD) asking why we’re still being treated as second class citizens.
I’m not expecting a more substantial reply but hopefully it reminds them there are unhappy viewers out here.

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I wonder if you could get away with a formal complaint about “something [in HD] you have[n’t] seen or heard [about] on Prime7”.

It technically relates to a complaint about programming and the fact that regional viewers are not being treated as equally as metropolitan network viewers, which was the whole point of aggregation: to provide the same viewing choices to regional viewers as metro viewers.

There are three methods for lodging a formal complaint in relation to something you have seen or heard on PRIME7.

You must either:

Mail a letter to PRIME7, at this address (it is advisable that complaints sent via post use Registered Mail):

The Program Manager
PO Box 878
ACT 2602

Send a fax to PRIME7, the fax number is: 02 62423764

Use the electronic form located on the Free TV website.


thank you for doing this :slight_smile: after watching 8hd and win hd im kinda bummbed that prime7 hasnt gone hd used to love watching prime7 but not any more