Seven HD

Yes, I agree. If Seven were planning on changing it, I think they most likely would’ve done so to coincide with the start of this year’s AFLW or AFL seasons.

While the regional affiliates in most areas still need to catch up, having a fulltime HD simulcast of Seven’s main channel (as the case is with the main channels of Nine, Ten, the ABC and SBS) available in all markets is a win for common sense. At least the AFL can be seen in HD everywhere even if you do have to pay for it, the same couldn’t be said for Seven’s main channel if the two tier strategy was to continue.

So yeah, I think Sydney can now keep calm and continue watching Fergo present the 6pm news in HD! :wink:


I thought there were a lot of areas without 9HD?

It could be seen, that the AFL & Seven are still happy, seeing as the main AFL market of Melbourne still receives the footy on 7HD.

Just as Sydney still reveive NRL on 9HD.

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Southern Cross is carrying 9HD isn’t it? Not sure about Imparja or 9 West they might still be without 9HD.

Southern Cross carries 9HD and 9Life in all markets except Spencer Gulf/Broken Hill, as does the TDT joint venture in Tasmania.

Imparja, WDT, MDV, and WIN’s supplementary stations do not carry 9HD or 9Life.

We have a channel grid showing the various HD stations that I have tried to keep up to date - any changes needed?

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Yes, SC7 HD in Tas.

7HD is on the grid for Tasmania

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7HD is still 7HD. The way it should’ve been from the start. 7mateHD will mean you’ll miss your favourite shows in HD like ABCHD, 9HD and 10HD. I like watching the news in full HD


Well i would say that the deal could have been a trial? Again all speculation but well for those who wanted 7HD back on a permanent basis, won. Is it still full HD though?
I give up in thinking in 7mateHD will return :stuck_out_tongue:

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Looks like it’s a permanent thing. Well done 7 for listening to viewers

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I think Seven are terrified of rocking the boat even slightly right now. Their schedule isn’t firing like it always used to at this time of year and things are only going to get harder for them after Easter. The impact of switching 7HD off might be less than 1% but those are viewers that Seven cannot afford to lose right now.

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Meanwhile, at Prime… :crescent_moon::pensive:


You’d also be surprised how much breakaways and simulcasts over different channels causes nightmares within the actual network on a day to day basis also. So I’m not surprised the “switch” didn’t happen.
Easier to have it streamlined across the board mimicking the main channel I’m guessing.


Pretty sure regional Qld is still in SD on the main channel.


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About time Prime got its act together and switched its main channel to HD.

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With both metro Seven and SC Tasmania having primary channels in HD, there has to be pressure building behind Prime7/GWN7 and remaining Seven and SC stations. The only question is, when will they crack?

Seven just dominated every night the past week…

How is their schedule “not firing” :disappointed:

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