Seven HD 2008

Here are some videos from Seven HD in 2008, which was some sort of ‘breakaway’ service running different programming to the primary Seven SD service.

7 HD Ident from 23 April 2008

7 HD Lineup from 23 April 2008

7 HD PRG from 23 April 2008

Notice how the PRG isn’t animated, it just wipes horizontally onto the screen. Also note how the program on the ‘breakaway’ HD channel is a 4:3 SD program :man_facepalming:


Just thought I’d let you know that the Lineup & PRG clips have no video - just audio. The Ident one played fine though.

Bugger, thanks, I’ll reupload :slight_smile:

All sorted I hope :white_check_mark: , good old Quicktime Player

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Yep, all good now! :slight_smile:

I’d almost forgotten that there were lineups produced for the breakaway content on Seven HD. I definitely remember the shoddy wipe in/out PRG though.

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7 HD was dodgy for a while, if memory serves me right. I remember for a while before these breakaway channels, they didn’t even bother upconverting SD content to show on the HD channel. Instead there was some loop called ‘One Perfect HD Day’ or something, with some BTS footage from 7 productions and some scenic shots around Sydney and Melbourne.

Of course, that’s on top of passing off 576p as HD :face_vomiting:


Those lineups (2nd video) were hideous :face_vomiting:

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I think the old DBA website (via Wayback Machine) had all but one tantalizing frame of the “One Digital Day” presentation you’re referring to:


Never seen video of that one, although I definitely remember the 2004 loop (which as per clip #2, was slightly shortened/repackaged for breakaway 7HD and occasionally played in part or full as a filler):


Yeah, One Digital Day, that sounds like the one!

That video is pretty close as well, although I’m sure they had some Home and Away bits too.


I remember watching that in Harvey Norman and JB. All the new HD TV sets had it on.


Ah yes. The Nightcap was a show on 7HD.

Ten had an HD demonstration loop as well in the early days of digital television. Here’s a screenshot from my recording of it showing advertisements for “FAI Insurance” in the background, which I don’t think has been around since the late '90s.

And another scene from the HD loop with “Sydney 2000” banners up on Pyrmont Bridge:

It seems like Ten shot their HD loop before digital TV even launched in 2001. Seems strange seeing 1990s Sydney in HD, as for me, the 1990s was an analogue era, yet here it is in 1080i digital HD.


That’s incredible! What other early recordings do you have? It would be fascinating to dissect these in TSReader to see what bandwidth they used back then.

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FAI Insurance was acquired by HIH Insurance in 1999…which of course collapsed in 2001!


I had heaps, but I burnt them all to DVD (since hard drives were much smaller then) and now almost 20 years later, almost all of the DVDs have their recording layer flaking off meaning they’re no longer readable. My VHS cassette recordings from the 1980s and 1990s still play fine though…

I actually have a whole bunch of TSReader outputs from around 2004…


Oh, forgot to mention - I had uploaded a fair chunk of what I was able to save on my channel here:

(Note the website is down, but the YouTube channel is still up)

Quite a few clips from early 2000s digital TV.

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“Now & Next” version of the PRG:

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