If Crocmedia won’t return the old 3MP Format on 1377, There’s Always the Lower Powered 1629 Frequency where the Former Announcers of that station along with Magic 1278 they can start up from Scratch.



Isn’t that already used by a Chinese language station?

And who will fund all of this?

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Just heard Jason _Andrew _Toppin on SEN. That other sports station must have a double asterisk today. :slight_smile:



RadioInfo has details on KIA Presents AO Live airing across the duration of the Australian Open, January 14-27.

Live coverage from Crocmedia’s team includes Anthony Hudson, Jack Heverin and Brett Phillips, with contributions from Nicole Bradtke, Jelena Dokic and Sam Groth. Coverage will air across SEN 1116, SEN+ 1377, SEN 2 on DAB+ and SEN SA.

SEN 2 will also simulcast coverage from AO Radio which will likely use the 99.7FM events frequency again in 2019. The AO Radio coverage has previously been simulcast on RSN’s Carnival 2 DAB+ stream.



I’m one of the weird ones who like tennis on the radio but after hearing a few minutes of test commentary on SEN I’d hate to think how many sponsors will be plugged in each game.

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I struggled with listening to SEN for Tests for the same reason. Found Crocmedia’s BBL coverage even worse but have gone in a few times because of the 16 Foxtel exclusives.

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I assume SEN’s Australian Open coverage will be on 1377 in Melbourne when 1116 is broadcasting cricket? And don’t forget SEN also has A-League and NBL (Melbourne United games) commitments.



Says in the article SEN2 will become a dedicated AO channel for those 2 weeks.
I’m interested in the “selected windows of the tournament being broadcast on 1116, SEN+, SEN SA”.
Sounds like a couple of weeks of filler where it’ll be put on around Tests, BBL, A League and NBL. You’d at least hope the finals would make it onto 1116/1377.

As for the commentary team, any chance they could let BP organise it? Bloody vanilla Heverin rammed down the audience’s throat again.

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This’ll be interesting to see how SEN works with it’s new “flood the market with everything SEN” strategy.

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It’s Hutchy’s only strategy.

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It will indeed. In fact 99.7 is on the air already, complete with ‘AO Radio’ RDS ident.

Playing music at the moment.




SEN2 has been renamed AO Live. Running a “Welcome to Crocmedia - You are connected to the network operations and applications hub” message.



Craig Hutchson sent a letter this morning to people who’re on SEN’s mailing list which outlines the network’s plans for the coming weeks. While you can read the letter in full, there’s a bit about what they’re doing with SEN+ & their digital stations which is worth highlighting:

Our 1377 AM SEN+ station … will continue to roll out more unique sports offerings. More tennis in the next two weeks and national games of A-League remain. It will also soon become the dedicated home of the Melbourne Rebels in Super Rugby.

SEN2 will become a special event channel at key times – for these next two weeks, it will be wall-to-wall tennis with KIA Presents AO Live running day and night for our tennis die-hards.

SEN3 will simulcast mostly 1116 SEN content but with a difference – it is the station that will be offered to those in NSW from a digital perspective due to varying NSW state streaming laws. So look for some northern market-friendly content from time-to-time.



What are the NSW state streaming laws he mentions? Even before SEN3 was launched they were referring NSW listeners to listen to SEN+ due to this as well.
Looks like they can’t stream the main SEN 1116 channel into NSW but are working around these laws with the other channels.



Something to do with NRL rights, I’m guessing?

Although personally I wonder how many online listeners SEN usually gets from NSW in the first place.



I wonder whose digital spectrum they will lease?

I doubt a deal will be struck with MML/MSR.

Maybe BOG will make money off it? Or ARN?



I think it has something to do with AFL radio rights. Macquarie, Triple M and 2SM have AFL rights in NSW.
Good news for rugby union fans that SEN2 will broadcast Melbourne Rebels matches from this year. ABC only began broadcasting Rebels matches from last year but only on digital radio.



No spectrum at all. Just streaming via their app into NSW.

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It sounds like he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Whatever the issue is, I find it difficult to believe that it has anything to do with any NSW government legislation.