SBS World Movies

speaking of this channel


are we getting shit from alternate timelines or something

Fantastic cult flick on right now, 1978’s The Boys From Brazil with a top cast, worth a watch if you’ve never seen it, a thrilling little charade involving the Nazis and science fiction, Gregory Peck and Laurence Olivier headline :+1:

The Lunar New Year movies start this Saturday (February 10), with 2022 Chinese action comedy Ride On, starring Jackie Chan, at 7.10pm.

‘And not even wild horses could pull me away from that one.’

RIde On is a great film! Good pick up for SBS

Disappointed to see Raging Fire was never picked up, since it missed it cinema run thanks to COVID

Also - nice one with One Second, but hopefully one day we can see the proper uncut original of the film


thank you, just ended up down a rabbit hole on YouTube of those old clips

I hope @TV.Cynic can shed light on tonight’s SBS World Movies performance tomorrow, what a line-up:

“Glengarry Glen Ross”, “Reservoir Dogs” and “The Wolf of Wall Street”.

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YouTube: danielgonline

RESERVOIR DOGS P RPT SBS 53,000 52,000 1,000
GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS P SBS 43,000 43,000 1,000
THE WOLF OF WALL STREET LN RPT SBS 32,000 31,000 1,000
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Bad night to be airing a great line-up in The Big Steal, Fargo and I, Tonya, up against AFL season opener and NRL. Could’ve otherwise been a great share for SBS World Movies and potentially one of its best. SBS need to try and steer clear of such nights with these titles, Sat to Wed better options (I say Sat as AFL usually rates lower, no NRL on FTA and movies usually rate best on this night).

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If it’s a great line-up, then it should do well in the ratings no matter what is up against it. They can’t just run dead against the competition.

Similar demographic targets, who’ll always naturally choose live sport over an old movie re-run, no matter how good or iconic it is. A case of loving and wanting to watch both, but have to choose one. Hopefully SBS have bvod rights (even if limited time) and those wanting to watch can catch-up.

Seems like another case of overanalysis to me.

SBS with some perplexing scheduling tonight, two classics, Pulp Fiction and Blade Runner (NITV), one at nearly 11pm on a mid-weeknight and one buried on a channel nobody watches or knows about… Yet last night a Korean movie or something in prime time. They sure know how to chase and satisfy audience. Should’ve each rated well and driven share, instead they’ll do nothing and wasted.

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Nobody is watching any of this. The overanalysis is unnecessary.

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Pulp Fiction and Blade Runner have aired on these channels before, and at reasonable times too. Not all good movies need to be aired at 6.30pm and 8.30pm on these channels.

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With Pulp Fiction I suspect the late airing is to do with its content as much as everything else… not exactly a family film :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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sbs likes to put the most random shit on lol


Given it’s a World Movie channel, that seems to fit the brief.

A quick look at the 8.30pm movie every night between now and the end of the month shows that they’re in English - with 2 exceptions, Das Boot (German), and Minari (English and Korean).

For a World Movie channel - that’s not exactly screaming diversity.