SBS Television 2019

Discussion of SBS TV programming for 2019.

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SBS previewing the staff uniform for next year.


SBS really getting into The Handmaid’s Tale theme. Prototype of a new restaurant?

Information from Upfronts held today

There should be programs in languages other than English on the main SBS channel. (Other than the morning news programs). Not everyone is able to adequately access SBS On Demand.


5th SBS Channel dedicated to LOTE programming 24/7

SBS Food
SBS Viceland
SBS World

Here’s an even better idea: Just replace SBS Food with a dedicated LOTE content channel.

Our multicultural broadcaster should be providing a point of difference to the commercial networks with their channels/programming, not competing against them.


LOTE? Lesser of Two Evils?

Language Other Than English

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I know. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

SBS Food DOES provide an alternative to 7Food Netowrk. Just look at the schedules and think a bit about what kind of audience will be attracted to each of those.

SBS also has a role in promoting multiculturalism and diversity in Australia and one of the easiest and most successful ways is through food.

BBC’s Civilisations is a great acquisition for SBS, but we will have to wait around one year to see it (it premiered in the UK in March-April this year). More details about the series can be found here

EDIT: SBS will show Civilisations at 7.30pm Saturdays from December 1 (synopsis here)

More details of shows coming in 2019 to SBS Food (including new shows by former reality contestants Lee Chan, Justine Schofield, Ben Milbourne and Diana Chan) and NITV.

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