SBS Sport

It’s facing less competition this year, after the Mid Year Ashes coincided in 2023.


Always very comprehensive coverage from SBS which is ever more impressive given the current climate of FTA TV being that of cost cutting.

Pity I just can’t warm to the new commentary team (well, not so new now, it’s been 7 years), while they’re very professional and Phil and Paul were a very tough act to follow I still find myself preferring the commentary on other options like the World Feed, ITV, and Eurosport.

Would love to see SBS offer the World Feed as an alternative commentary option on SBS On Demand but I know it’s a stretch and we’re pretty lucky in this country as it is.


Tour de France 2024: Viewership reach on SBS surpasses 5 million Australians

  • More than 5 million Australians have tuned into the 2024 Tour de France to date, including more than 1.6 million Australians aged 25-54.
  • The Tour De France continues to draw audiences to SBS On Demand; Week 1 of the TDF saw livestreaming hit a year-to-date record average audience, while Week two of the race contributed to SBS On Demand’s second highest average audience for 2024.
  • SBS On Demand continues to see strong Total BVOD (Live + VOD) consumption hours. Week 1 saw audiences consumer more than 3 million hours on the platform, while Week 2 saw a total of just over 2.9 million hours consumed).

Reach to date source: VOZ Data, TVMap VOZ Analyser, National, Total People and P25-54, 29/06/2024 to 14/07/2024, Cumulative Reach, 2024 Tour De France, Total TV, When Watched

Consumption hours source: VOZ Data, TVMap VOZ Analyser, National, Total People, 31/12/2023 to 13/07/2024, Average Audience,

1800 – 2600, Total BVOD (Live + VOD), When Watched

Table source: VOZ Data, TVMap VOZ Ranking Report, Stage 10-15 Overnight, Stages 1-9, Consolidated 7 Total People, Total TV National Reach (Broadcast TV 1min and BVOD 15 secs)

Total TV refers to Broadcast TV and BVOD.