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Hidden Assets: Season 2

Thursday 12 October (all 6 episodes)


Having returned to Ireland after Richard Melnick’s memorial service, Bibi fears her father-in-law’s partners are tying up loose ends, so she approaches CAB with a deal: protection and immunity from prosecution in return for information. However, there have been changes in CAB and new team lead, DS Claire Wallace, is less inclined than her predecessor to deal with Bibi. But when coordinated cyber-attacks on CAB and the Belgian Counter-Terrorist Unit are linked back to the Brannigan case, Claire is left with no option.

Claire and CTU’s Christian De Jong question Bibi and are stunned to learn the truth about the Belgian bombing campaign. Bibi also divulges the existence of a mole in CTU. The CAB team travel to Antwerp, joining forces with Europol for a sting operation. In the face of growing violence and ever increasing stakes, Claire and Christian race against time to uncover the CTU mole and expose a vast conspiracy.

Shoresy - Season 2

Friday 27 October

Shoresy (Jared Keeso) and the Sudbury Blueberry Bulldogs of the Northern Ontario Senior Hockey Organization (aka The NOSHO) continue their quest to never lose again in this hilarious second season.

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Better Things

Thursday 2 November

Better Things centres on Sam Fox (Pamela Adlon), a single, working actor with no filter raising her three daughters, Max (Mikey Madison), Frankie (Hannah Alligood) and Duke (Olivia Edward) in Los Angeles. She’s mum, dad, referee and the cops.

Sam also watches out for her mother, Phil, an English expatriate, who lives across the street. Sam is flawed and fierce with her love for her daughters, sometimes heaping the love on when she feels guilty. Sam’s just trying to earn a living, navigate her daughters’ lives, have fun with a friend or two and also – just maybe – squeeze in some private time once in a while.

Better Things S 1 -4 will be available on SBS On Demand.

SBS Chill’s new live stream has officially launched on SBS On Demand.


Saw that yesterday, probably doesn’t need to be the first option in the live channels for too long beyond launch.

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True, but SBS could probably go further and not carry those ads in the first place. Especially the gambling ones which seem to be the most problematic.

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World on Fire season 2 became available on SBS on Demand on Thursday this week, with all six episodes available.

1941: RAF pilots are sent to destroy German bombers prowling the skies above Manchester, with rescue operations underway on the streets below. The true reality of war has arrived in Britain.

Telling the story of World War Two through the eyes of ordinary people, following intrepid young heroes fighting for freedom, World on Fire series two will take viewers from the war-torn streets of Britain deep into Nazi Germany, the resistance within occupied France, and the brutal sands of the North African desert – where troops struggle to adapt to a very different kind of combat.

BBC trailer

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Das Boot - Season 4

In the Mediterranean, Germany’s U-Boats face impossible odds, while in Berlin a dangerous conspiracy unfolds within the German Navy Command.

Siblings Hannie Hoffmann (Rosalie Thomass) and Klaus Hoffmann (Rick Okon) are poles apart – until a shared tragedy brings them closer together. But each is soon thrown their own battle to fight. Klaus must travel to Naples to embark as U-Boat Commander again, this time on a mission to alter the course of the war. Meanwhile, Hannie finds new purpose in uncovering a group of uniformed criminals who have embraced the Reich’s darkest tendencies.

The Raven

Thursday 23 November

Police Officer Adam Kruk (Raven) is called to work on a smuggling case in a village in the north of Poland where he grew up. At the same time, a young boy disappears in the village. As both cases become further entwined, Adam must face the demons of his past…

The Brigade

Thursday 30 November

Former Special Forces soldier Saïd is the new leader of the B.R.I., an elite unit of young and fiery police officers who fight organised crime and terrorism. He’s taking over the role from Patrick, an old-fashioned cop who learned everything he knows by spending too long in the company of criminals.

As the B.R.I. gets caught up in a gang war that could set Paris on fire, Saïd struggles to maintain his moral values while finding his way as the unit’s new leader.

Will he, like Patrick before him, be forced to turn to crime in order to fight it?

Just tried it for the first time this morning, kind of like the Apple TV screensavers but with Chill music, don’t mind it


Everyone Else Burns

Thursday 7 December

This biting coming-of-age comedy follows a British family and their conservative Christian sect.

Will patriarchal David Lewis (Simon Bird; The Inbetweeners) ever ascend the church ranks and become an Elder? Will dutiful wife Fiona deviate from her own dogmatic moral compass? Will their naïve 17-year-old daughter Rachel (Amy James-Kelly; Blood, Sex & Royalty) be allowed to go to university, and will 12-year-old son Aaron ever fend off his secular bullies?

Everyone Else Burns is a subversive, authentic and bitingly funny exploration into what it feels like to balance faith, family and identity in a world that could end tomorrow (but probably won’t).

First time in a long while using this tonight to watch the new season of Fargo. I really liked it, not many ads, no freezes and the ads weren’t repetitive like they are on other FTA streaming platforms.

As for the show, I’m hooked. Great to finally get some new episodes and the casting is great. Keen to see how things pan out.

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Thursday 7 December

Starring Sofie Gråbøl (The Killing).

Set over three months, a worn-down Danish prison is threatened with closure unless they can correct the bad press, violence and drug trade commandeering its reputation.

Four of the prison officers – Sammi, Henrik, Miriam, and Gert – are tasked with making this change happen. But outside the prison walls, their lives are filled with conflict, secrets, and loneliness. Can they bring peace to their personal and professional lives?

i was randomly browsing sbs on demand and i saw some movies marked with this “viaplay” thingy

the hell is this “viaplay” bs

nvm its some nordic streaming service

The Cinderella Murder

Thursday 28 December

The Twelve (De Twaalf) - Season 2 , Belgian murder mystery

Twelve citizens are called up for jury duty and must pass judgment in a mysterious murder case.

Anton Bergman and his daughter Julie have been charged with the murder of Marianne Coens, Julie’s stepmother. While the jury tries to maintain an objective perspective, their private lives slowly interfere with their view on the case.


Thursday 14 December

TV writer Carlo Monterossi has just decided to abandon his show, despite its runaway success, when he gets a knock at the door – and comes face to face with a hitman.

Carlo narrowly escapes his death, only to be plagued by the encounter. Who wants him dead, and why? The answers will take him across Milan and on the trail of murders leading to the darkest corners of history.


Thursday 21 December

Dr. Lucia moves with her family to the mountain village of Rotten. Her ten-year-old daughter suffers from severe asthma, and the mountain air is supposed to alleviate her illness. But when the melting glacier reveals a long-buried corpse, Lucia and her daughter are drawn into mysterious occurrences. It soon becomes clear that the secrets of the village will only be solved when Lucia challenges her rational thinking and confronts the myth of the mountain.

Letterkenny (S 12)

Wednesday 27 December

The residents of Letterkenny belong to one of three groups: the Hicks, the Skids, and the Hockey Players, who are constantly feuding over seemingly trivial matters that often end with someone getting their ass kicked. This season, the small town contends with a comedy night at Modean’s, a country music hit, the Degens’ bad influence, a new nightclub, and an encore at the Ag Hall. And that’s just for starters.

This show feels like it’s about my childhood faith Jehovah’s witnesses


Thursday 24 January 2024

Ethan is a good kid born on the wrong side of town.

In Cape Town’s slums, where local gangs make the law, he is soon left with no choice but to work for one of them to support himself and his younger brother. Yet as he becomes caught in a web of crime, he discovers he has an incredible talent for spinning: an exciting and extreme motorsport.

Could this be his way out, or his most dangerous gamble yet?

The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning

Monday 1 January

Margareta Magnusson’s bestselling book comes to life in a transformation series where people are given the chance to organise their home, life, and relationships before it’s too late.

Plucked right out of Sweden, an organiser, a designer, and a psychologist – also known as the Death Cleaners - have come to America to help eight heroes face their mortality, speak honestly about death, and confront all that “crap” that has been collecting dust for years.

Each story builds towards a physical transformation of the home, as well as an emotional journey that will leave you smiling. Narrated by Amy Poehler, this is a show that challenges us to deal with our stuff… so that those we leave behind aren’t faced with the overwhelming task of sorting through it. The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning normalises one of our worst fears, death, by reminding us of all the ways we’ve been alive.

The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning is available on SBS On Demand from 1 January and airs on SBS Viceland on 7 January at 10.30pm.

SBS On Demand caps a record year with the launch of SBS Rewind

  • SBS On Demand launches SBS Rewind, providing users an end-of-year recap of their consumption habits
  • 2023 marks a record year (excluding viewing associated with the 2022 FIFA World Cup™) for the streaming platform, with total consumption minutes continuing to rise and a record number of active accounts
  • Music FAST channel SBS Chill has launched on the platform, with strong audience uptake*

Australia’s most distinctive streaming platform, SBS On Demand, celebrates a successful year with the announcement of SBS Rewind launching on the much-loved streaming service.

In a triumphant finish to a record year for audiences (excluding viewing associated with the 2022 FIFA World Cup™), streaming platform SBS On Demand, the cornerstone of SBS’s ongoing digital transformation, today unveiled the much-anticipated SBS Rewind – a new, personalised end-of-year viewing summary for users, underscoring the network’s continued investment in the audience experience.

With the launch of SBS Rewind, SBS On Demand now offers viewers a fun recap of interesting facts and figures relating to their consumption throughout the year. The feature provides users a summary that includes total minutes of content consumed, an interactive globe showing content’s country of origin, most watched genre, most consumed language and how niche the viewer’s taste is.

The addition reaffirms SBS On Demand’s commitment to providing a first-class user experience and innovation in the evolving digital landscape. said Matt Hancock, General Manager of SBS On Demand.

“SBS On Demand sits squarely at the forefront of our broader digital transformation strategy. We announced SBS Rewind at our Upfronts event in October and are proud to hit ‘go’ on this new addition today, giving audiences an even richer experience as we continue to develop and enhance the platform.

“With the breadth, variety, cultural and linguistic diversity of our content catalogue, the insights SBS Rewind shares with users set it apart from similar offerings from competing platforms. There’s no other streaming platform like SBS On Demand in Australia.”

SBS Rewind’s personalised consumption insights on a mobile device

The addition of SBS Rewind builds on recent developments the platform’s product team rolled out in 2023, said Chris Tangye, Head of Product for SBS On Demand.

“Underpinning SBS Rewind is SBS On Demand’s new recommendation engine, which offers each user three content recommendations based on their consumption, encouraging deeper exploration of the catalogue. After viewing the recap, users can share an infographic about their total consumption, which is perfect for social media feeds.”

SBS Rewind’s personalised consumption insights on desktop

Adjusting for a spike in consumption and new account registrations on the back SBS’s broadcast of FIFA World Cup 2022™, SBS On Demand in 2023 achieved the strongest viewership in its seven-year history. Total consumption on the platform exceeded 7.34 billion minutes. On current trends, it is anticipated that the platform will see another record year for consumption for a non-World Cup rights year, with minutes consumed up more than 5%.

Helping drive on-demand viewing was the knockout success of Alone Australia which solidified its place as the network’s top-rating program of 2023 and most successful original commission ever. The program achieved a total TV audience of 1.28 million of which 44% was online – strong numbers ahead of a hotly-anticipated a second season set in New Zealand coming to screens in 2024.

Acquired programming also drove SBS On Demand viewing, with season one of British dramedy Rogue Heroes – about the origins of Britain’s famed Special Air Service – achieving a total TV audience of 960,000, 40% of which was via streaming. The program was the top-rating series in the drama category for 2023.

Adding to the diverse content line-up, SBS On Demand now offers for the first time a music FAST channel, with SBS Chill. The previously audio-only digital radio channel launched on SBS On Demand in November, allowing audiences to enjoy their favourite chill and ambient tunes with accompanying dynamic visualisation. In the first five weeks since launch on the platform, audiences have streamed 1.6 million minutes of music, suggesting audiences enjoy using a single app for both video and audio.

FAST music channel SBS Chill on SBS On Demand

The SBS On Demand app has maintained its 4.8 star rating on the Apple App store, making it the highest-rated streaming video-on-demand service on that platform in Australia and demonstrating an engaged and loyal userbase. With a strong product roadmap. SBS On Demand continues to deliver for audiences, evolving the user experience.

SBS On Demand is a clear leader in video streaming:

  • In 2023, full High Definition 1080p streaming was introduced for live events ahead of the 2023 cycling Tour de France and Tour de France Femmes.
  • SBS On Demand is the top-rated app in the Apple App Store among all BVOD and SVOD platforms in Australia.
  • SBS had a record year on SBS On Demand providing consumers with access to premiere releases, boxset collections, live events, channel simulcasts, and catch-up titles.
  • Unique to streaming platforms in Australia, users may log in and navigate in seven languages a catalogue that boasts content in 95 languages across more than 15,000 hours of premium, distinctive content.
  • The platform will launch an audio description feature in early 2024 for people who are blind or have low vision.
  • Thanks to a strong product roadmap with ongoing development SBS On Demand continues to roll out features, offering users continues an ever-richer consumption experience.

View SBS On Demand at

Two Weeks to Live

Monday 8 January

Starring Maisie Williams, Sian Clifford and Mawaan Rizwan.

Fifteen years after witnessing her father’s murder, Kim Noakes escapes her controlling mum, Tina, and their isolated existence in the Scottish wilderness and heads south to honour her Dad’s memory.

But the modern world isn’t what she imagined, and when Kim meets hapless brothers Nicky and Jay, a drunken prank goes spectacularly wrong. Hunted by murderous criminals, Kim must reunite with her overbearing mum if they are all to survive.


Thursday 21 December

Dr. Lucia moves with her family to the mountain village of Rotten. Her ten-year-old daughter suffers from severe asthma, and the mountain air is supposed to alleviate her illness. But when the melting glacier reveals a long-buried corpse, Lucia and her daughter are drawn into mysterious occurrences. It soon becomes clear that the secrets of the village will only be solved when Lucia challenges her rational thinking and confronts the myth of the mountain.

Start Over

Sunday 31 December

On the evening of December 31, 2023, Marc, a star surgeon at the Provence hospital, is found murdered at his workplace. As they leave the crime scene, Anna, his ex-wife, Cédric, his best friend, and Lieutenant Juliette Kharoub find themselves stuck in the same elevator.

When the doors open again, Anna, Cédric and Juliette realize that they have been taken back a year, to January 1, 2023. No one but them is aware of this time travel.

Bound by this secret, they understand that they have a chance to change everything and perhaps prevent Marc’s murder…

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