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Thursdays from 4 March; 8 episodes

Set in divided Berlin during the Summer of 1946, eight-part drama series Shadowplay will premiere on SBS and SBS On Demand at 8:30pm on Thursday 4 March. From the creators of Midnight Sun and The Bridge comes a provoking and dynamic period drama set against the lawless and unpredictable backdrop of post WWII Germany.

In an SBS On Demand exclusive, Shadowplay director Måns Mårlind will be curating a collection of TV series for Australians to experience on the platform. The collection will showcase a wide variety of European dramas personally recommended by Måns, from ZeroZeroZero and Gomorrah to We Are Who We Are. The complete curation, Måns Mårlind Guest Curates, will be available to view from Thursday 4 March.

Shadowplay will premiere with a double episode at 8.30pm Thursday 4 March on SBS. Episodes will continue weekly at 9:30pm from Thursday 11 March. New episodes will be available at SBS On Demand each week on the same day as broadcast. Shadowplay will also be subtitled in Simplified Chinese and Arabic, available to stream for free at SBS On Demand. Each subtitled episode will become available at the same time as broadcast.


Friday 5 March; 6 episodes, Norwegian

People from the past inexplicably start appearing in the ocean. A couple of years later, Alfhildr - who comes from the Viking Age - is teamed up with burned-out Oslo police officer Lars Haaland as part of the police department’s integration program. While investigating the murder of a woman with Stone Age tattoos, Lars and Alfhildr make some chilling, unexpected discoveries.


Wednesday 10 March; 6 episodes French, Hebrew, English

Natalie, a young French woman living in Israel, is accused of murdering her husband on the night of her wedding. Karim, who works at the French consulate and is charged with helping French people in trouble, slowly falls for Natalie. He can’t decide whether she is vulnerable and lost, or incredibly manipulative. Obsessed with this case, Karim goes deep inside Natalie’s mysterious past.


Thursday 11 March 6 episodes, French

Eighteen year old Laetitia has disappeared. Her overturned scooter was found in the early morning, just in front of her house. Very quickly the police investigations will reconstruct the young girl’s last hours, leading to the arrest of Tony Meilhon. But while they are certain that they have identified the responsible, the investigators still can’t find the body. This story will follow the repercussions on Laetitia’s family, above all on her twin sister Jessica, but also on the working of the police force, the social services, and the judicial system and even on the Government. Based on real events.

The Sleepers

Thursday 18 March, 6 episodes Czech

Marie (Pauhofová) and her political dissident husband Viktor fled Communist Czechoslovakia 12 years ago. Now it is 1989, change is in the air and they take advantage of an amnesty to return to their home country. But soon after they arrive they are hit by a car: when Marie wakes her husband has disappeared, and nobody seems to know anything about him. Where is Viktor?

Spring Tide - Season 1 and 2

Thursday 25 March, Swedish

1990 - Under the glow of a full moon, a sadistic murder is committed on Nordkoster Island - a young pregnant woman is buried in the sand, so that she slowly drowns as the tide rises. 25 years later, the case remains unsolved. Olivia Rönning is assigned the case to work on, as cold-case training at the Police Academy. Olivia becomes obsessed with the murder when she discovers that her father, who died several years ago, worked on the original investigation. She soon realises that she has to find the lead investigator, Detective Tom Stilton. There’s only one problem - he has disappeared off the face of the earth. Tom Stilton is homeless now and does not want to be reminded of his old life or an old, unsolved case - he has a hard enough time just surviving. Horrifying videos start showing up online, in which homeless people are brutally assaulted. When Stilton’s friends are attacked, he decides to get revenge. Olivia and Stilton’s paths cross through Olivia’s tenacious efforts to solve the case. She tries to get Stilton to help her, but he isn’t very interested. This is the beginning of a very odd friendship, and together they come closer and closer to solving the Beach Case - but what they discover has unimaginable consequences for Olivia.

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The Tailings

Friday 2 April, 6 episodes

Why would you debut this on the Good Friday public holiday. SBS makes some odd scheduling decisions.

Wakefield also debuts on Good Friday on iView.



Friday 2 April Norwegian, 8 episodes

A young girl is found killed at a camping resort and criminal psychologist Maja Angell believes that the police have arrested the wrong man. She’s not able to convince the police of that. Can she find the murderer before he strikes again?

Outlier is a female led crime thriller set in Arctic wilderness amid the Sami community. The series follows Maja Angell - an acclaimed young academic in London who specialises in profiling serial killers and aims to develop analytical tools to predict serious crimes. One day, she learns of a young women who has been murdered in her
hometown, in the Norwegian wilderness, and decides to head back home to her Sami community to be part of the investigation and track down the killer. As Maja must think like the criminal to fight him and anticipate his next move, the hunt leads her to confront her own demons.

Mr Mercedes

Saturday 03 April

A demented killer taunts a retired police detective with a series of lurid letters and emails, forcing the ex-cop to undertake a private, and potentially felonious crusade to bring the killer to justice before he can strike again. Based on the best selling novel by Stephen King. Directed by Jack Bender (Under the Dome) and adapted for television and executive produced by David E. Kelley (The Practice).

The A Word Season 3

Thursday 8 April, 6 episodes

The new season of The A Word kicks off with a jump to two years later. Paul (Lee Ingleby) and Alison Hughes (Morven Christie) are now divorced. Things have been very difficult in their lives lately with Paul’s house damage by a fire, Alison losing a job, and their autistic young son Joe (Max Vento) struggling with the changes. Meanwhile, Maurice Scott (Christopher Eccleston) has been working as a volunteer firefighter on top of being the patriarch who is trying to help his family with their dramas. He has also been busy with his girlfriend Louise Wilson’s (Pooky Quesnal) request. She has asked him to look into what her son Ralph (Leon Harrop) has been hiding. It turns out that he has been working on moving in with his girlfriend Kate (Sarah Gordy). The drama doesn’t stop there as Joe’s older half sister Rebecca (Molly Wright) admitted to Maurice that she is unexpectedly pregnant.

The Man In Room 301

Thursday 15 April, 6 episodes

Summer 2007, Finland. While the Kurtti are spending their annual holidays in their cabins in the land of a thousand lakes, the family is struck by a tragedy - Tommi, 2 years old, is killed by a gunshot. Elias, a 12 year old neighbour, is blamed for the death of the child. Summer 2019, Greece. 12 years after the tragedy, the family receives a threatening anonymous letter. In the Greek resort where they are enjoying their holidays, they come across a man that looks just like Elias, in room 301. Is it really Elias? What is he doing there? What if he was wrongfully accused of Tommi’s death and came to retaliate against the family?

Deadwater Fell

Wednesday 21 April, 4 episodes

When a seemingly perfect and happy family is murdered by someone they know and trust, the small Scottish community they call home becomes riven with doubt and suspicion as those closest to the family begin to question everything they thought they knew about their friends.

Thin Ice

Thursday 22 April, Swedish, Danish 8 episodes

Off the coast of Greenland, a Swedish oil research vessel is attacked and the crew are kidnapped. The ship is found adrift as the Arctic Council meet to sign a treaty, put forward by the Swedish Foreign Minister, to prohibit harmful drilling in the Arctic. Suspicions arise that Russia may be responsible for the attack. Huge oil reserves have been discovered in the area and Russia is secretly offering Greenland independence in exchange for the drilling rights. Liv, a Swedish Intelligence Officer, travels to the small village of Tasiilaq to investigate and discovers rising tensions amongst local officials. The town’s phone and internet connection have been cut, the population is slowly vanishing, and witnesses are being killed - all seemingly to prevent the treaty meeting from concluding.

It will premiere on SBS on Demand on Wednesday, April 21.

Are You Addicted to Technology?

Wednesday 21 April

Never before in history have so few people been in control of the behaviour of billions of people. Ground-breaking SBS integrative documentary Are You Addicted To Technology? is a must watch call to arms, that will make us rethink our – and the next generation’s - relationship to technology.

Hosted by former gaming addict turned clinical psychologist, Dr. Kim Le, this documentary experiment will reveal the detrimental impact that technology addiction is having on our mental health, our children’s wellbeing and our very humanity. Prompting audiences to answers questions about their own tech usage throughout the interactive documentary, Dr. Kim Le will navigate us through this journey of enlightenment, with research experiments, expert opinions and interactive storytelling.

Using a rigorous Australia-wide survey, the viewer will have their level of tech addiction revealed to them during the experience. Along the way, Dr. Kim Le will reveal the tricks used by Big Tech to draw us to their products to make you understand why we’re addicted, how we got here, and what we should do next. Are You Addicted to Technology? is a timely, radical and innovative interactive documentary, that will challenge us to reassess everything we thought we knew about ourselves and our relationship with technology. Are you ready to take the challenge?

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Future Man - Season 3


Thursday 15 April

From the creative minds behind Sausage Party and This Is The End comes a high octane time travel, action, adventure, comedy like nothing you’ve ever seen on your TV, or computer, or tablet, or phone before. Josh Futterman (Josh Hutcherson), a world ranked gamer, still lives at home with his parents, Gabe (Ed Begley Jr.) and Diane (Glenne Headly), and has a dead end job as a janitor at a sexual disease research centre. His social ineptitude, low self esteem and prominent inability to approach women can only be matched by his unparalleled prowess at The Biotic Wars, a dystopian video game where his character - Future Man - has the top ranking in the world. When he becomes the first and only person to beat the elusive final level, he’s visited by the game’s ‘fictional’ characters, Tiger (Eliza Coupe) and Wolf (Derek Wilson), who prove to be all too real warriors sent back in time from a desecrated future with the task of recruiting him to save humanity from a deadly super race invasion.

In the same article, Stevie discussed The Tailings which she co-produced.

Shortland Street was a double episode yesterday, there is no episode up yet on the Apple TV tonight for some reason? The last one I see is Episode 102- Marty pays Tony a visit…

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Yep they’ve done it again, this time they haven’t uploaded last night’s episode of Shortland Street or as it is called on the app “Episode 114” . I thought it was automatically done .

SBS has acquired the third season of BBC drama The A Word, along with the catch-up TV rights to the first two seasons. It is based on Israeli series Yellow Preppers and follows a young boy and how his family cope with the revelation that he is autistic.


Atlantic Crossing

  • Thu, 06 May 2021
  • Number of Episodes:8
  • Country of origin: Norway
  • Language:English, Norwegian

She changed the course of war. 1940. Norway is occupied by Nazi Germany. Crown Princess Märtha and her children find shelter as political refugees in the White House. Her presence in Washington soon influences President Roosevelt’s views on the tragic events unfolding in Europe and eventually changes the dynamics of U.S. politics significantly. What starts as a friendship turns into affection and turmoil when Märtha speaks out publicly against the Nazi tyranny. In an attempt to fight for her country, she puts her marriage at risk and convinces the President to support Norway a first step in the struggle that will lead to the U.S. joining the War. However, Märtha’s actions cause her to make many enemies, some of them even closer than she thinks - within the walls of the White House.

Shrill Season 3

  • Fri, 07 May 2021
  • Number of Episodes:8
  • Country of origin: USA
  • Language:English

Shrill follows Annie (Bryant), an overweight young woman who wants to change her life but not her body. Annie tried to start her career while juggling bad boyfriends, a sick parent, and a perfectionist boss. After facing her demons her mum, her boss and her online troll Annie started season two feeling pretty good with boyfriend Ryan (Luka Jones) by her side. That is, until she realised that hastily quitting her job and jumping into a relationship with someone who is a little less career focused may not have been the best idea. The comedy series is based on the book ‘Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman’ by Lindy West, who co created the show along with Aidy Bryant, who stars. This is the final series of the show.

The Devil You Know

  • Mon, 10 May 2021
  • Number of Episodes:6
  • Country of origin: USA
  • Language:English

True crime documentary following a bizarre murder in Pennsylvania and a tragic suicide in Detroit reveals Sherry Shriner’s diabolical lizard cult.

Foodie Love

  • Thu, 13 May 2021
  • Number of Episodes:8
  • Country of origin: Spain
  • Language:Spanish
  • Cast: Laia Costa, Guillermo Pfening, Thony Thornburg

A mobile app that finds couples among food lovers, connects the protagonists of Foodie Love - two thirty somethings who embark on getting to know each other with the doubts of those who retain the scars of previous relationships. Over several dates they’ll have to discover if their common devotion to Japanese yuzu and shared distaste for foodie pretension are enough to build the foundations of a lasting love.


  • Thu, 20 May 2021
  • Number of Episodes:6
  • Country of origin: Brazil
  • Language:Portuguese

This story follows the adventures of a new widow, Sofia, a housewife who sees her perfect life fall apart after her husband’s sudden death and the discovery that she has inherited a pornographic film production company called SofiX . The widow is forced to take over her husband’s business, but decides to make radical changes, including making films that she considers to be in good taste.


  • Tue, 25 May 2021
  • Number of Episodes:8
  • Country of origin: New Zealand
  • Language:English

A post-apocalyptic dark comedy set in the not too distant future, Creamerie takes place after a viral plague has wiped out all men, leading to a new world order designed by women. On an organic dairy farm in rural New Zealand, trouble arises when a trio of Kiwi Asian women stumble upon perhaps the last remaining male human on the planet. Can their friendship survive this shocking discovery that utterly upends their world.


  • Wed, 26 May 2021
  • Number of Episodes:4
  • Country of origin: United Kingdom
  • Language:English

From executive producer Jed Mercurio Bodyguard, Line of Duty ), Bloodlands is a gripping, four part thriller set in Northern Ireland. When an expensive car is pulled from the sea, veteran Northern Ireland police detective Tom Brannick (James Nesbitt The Missing, Cold Feet) instantly sees the connection to an infamous cold case that holds enormous personal significance for him a notorious and long buried series of mysterious disappearances. Bloodlands follows Tom Brannick’s obsessive campaign to identify and unmask the semi mythical figure behind these events a figure code named Goliath, after the giant shipyard cranes, Samson and Goliath that dominate the Belfast skyline. It’s a case that comes from Tom’s and his country’s dark past.

Sandhamn Murders Season 1-5

  • Thu, 27 May 2021
  • Number of Seasons:5
  • Country of origin: Sweden
  • Language:Swedish

It is a beautiful summer morning on the island of Sandhamn in the Swedish archipelago. On the edge of an idyllic beach, a dead man’s body floats up to the surface entangled in a fishing net. Crime Inspector Thomas Andreasson (Jakob Cedergren) is called to the scene. He has a personal closeness to the island, but brings with it a dark past. With this fresh in his memory, he returns to Sandhamn to solve the case. It soon turns out that the truth behind the murder is more complicated than expected and goes further back in history than anyone could have imagined. As more crimes are committed, the pressure increases on Thomas and his colleague, Carina Persson. The clues are few and they are forced to work hard during the hot summer days in the archipelago. Thomas gets unexpected help from a summer guest, banking lawyer and mother of two Nora Lindé, a cooperation that Nora’s husband Henrik is strongly against.



  • Premiere date: Thu, 20 May 2021
  • Number of Episodes:16
  • Country of origin: Italy
  • Language: Italian

When Andrea Fanti loses his last 12 years of memories due to a brain trauma, he finds himself no longer the brilliant and authoritative doctor he’s staked his reputation on, but a simple patient. With a life absent of memories, he falls into an unknown world where his loved ones have suddenly become strangers and the hospital is the only place where he truly feels at home.

SBS has acquired the rights to Swedish true crime drama The Hunt for a Killer.


Halt And Catch Fire

  • Premiere date:Tue, 01 Jun 2021 | 12:00 PM
  • Number of Episodes:4
  • Country of origin: USA
  • Language:English

Set in the 1980s, this series dramatizes the personal computing boom through the eyes of a visionary, an engineer and a prodigy whose innovations directly confront the corporate behemoths of the time. Their personal and professional partnership will be challenged by greed and ego while charting the changing culture in Texas’ Silicon Prairie.

Red Light

  • Premiere date: Thu, 10 Jun 2021
  • Number of Episodes:10
  • Country of origin: Belgium
  • Language:Flemish

Red Light portrays three women from completely different worlds whose lives unexpectedly intersect when a well known philosophy professor suddenly goes missing. Sylvia, a prostitute, runs a brothel with her toxic partner in Antwerp’s Red Light district. Esther is a well known opera soprano and comes from a well educated background. Evi is a cop trying to combine a major case with her role as a wife and mother. These three women intertwine to liberate themselves from the control of the men in their lives.


  • Premiere date:Thu, 10 Jun 2021
  • Number of Episodes:4
  • Country of origin: United Kingdom
  • Language:English

Two brothers accidentally kill an old man and get away with it by covering their tracks. But when the man’s neighbours and family start asking questions about his death, the brothers’ lives fall apart. A stylish, contemporary crime thriller set in Edinburgh. Packed with unexpected plot twists and steeped in black humour. Everyone has secrets. You might do your best to hide them. But they’ll come out in the end. Brothers Max and Jake couldn’t be more different. Max is wealthy with an apparently perfect life. Jake scrapes a living running a record shop. Driving home late one night, they accidentally kill an old man on a darkened street. They manage to conceal their crime, but when others suspect the death wasn’t as innocent as it first appeared, the brothers’ lives start falling apart.

Couples Therapy S2

  • Premiere date: Tue, 15 Jun 2021
  • Number of Episodes:10
  • Country of origin: USA
  • Language:English

Hope and heartache comes to light in the acclaimed documentary series Couples Therapy. Distinguished clinical psychologist Dr. Orna Guralnik combines empathy with insight to guide a new group of couples facing a diverse set of issues. Together they take on the difficult challenge of confronting their deepest individual fears and talk candidly about what has brought them to these crossroads and where to go from here.

Your Honour

  • Premiere date: Thu, 17 Jun 2021
  • Number of Seasons:2
  • Country of origin: Israel
  • Language:Hebrew, Arabic, English

The life of brilliant judge Micha Alkoby is heading down a promising path, with a promotion coming soon. It all changes after his teenage son, Shay, is involved in a hit and run, in which he is the guilty party. Just as Micha is about to turn Shay in, he learns the victim is a member of a crime family, the kind that runs its own system of justice

Paris Police 1900

  • Premiere date: Thu, 24 Jun 2021
  • Number of Episodes:8
  • Country of origin: France
  • Language:French

Paris, 1899. The French president Félix Faure has just died. Crippled by the far right, anti Semitic groups and rising anarchy, France has never appeared so weak. When police chief Louis Lépine is urgently called out of retirement to restore order in Paris, the tragic discovery of a young woman’s torso in a suitcase floating down the Seine, spurs a young, ambitious detective Antoine Jouin into action at the heart of the police headquarters. Joseph Fiersi is a corrupt officer known for blackmail who also moonlights as a hit man for the undercover police. He’s taken a particular interest in this criminal investigation and enlists Meg Steinheil the courtesan accused of killing the frail hearted president during sex to work as a spy for him. In Paris, where crime and sin mix with opulence and puritanism, all of these characters will cross paths and join forces to save France. Murders, blackmail, riots, conspiracies, coups welcome to la Belle Époque.

SBS will take the NBC coverage of BBMAs.

BBMAs was shown on 9GO! in 2019 and 2020, and on Foxtel before that.