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Food Safari, hosted by Maeve O’Meara, will return for its 12th year on SBS on Wednesday August 1, with 13-part series Food Safari Water.

Ewen and Colin McGregor: RAF at 100

Sunday 29 July at 8.30pm

To celebrate the centenary of the Royal Air Force, Ewan and Colin McGregor take to the skies in some of the world’s most iconic planes. They fly the planes that would have been used for aerial combat at every stage of the RAF’s story from the dawn of the dogfight in World War One, the triumph of the ‘The Few’ and the bravery of the ‘Bomber Boys’ in World War Two, through the cold war and right up to the supersonic jets of today.

Inside Windsor Castle

From Monday 30 July at 7.35pm (4 Parts)

Windsor Castle is the oldest, largest continually inhabited castle in the world. This series will mark the centenary of the Windsor dynasty by delving deep behind the imposing walls of the castle to unlock its secrets - and chart the extraordinary 80-year inside story of Britain’s most famous family.

The Castle is now a vast Palace with hundreds of staff, billions of pounds’ worth of art and 5000 acres of parkland. It’s the iconic centrepiece, the shop window, of the Royal backdrop to countless photo calls, state banquets, and lavish royal events. But over the last 80 years it’s also been the stage on which the most spectacular, difficult and simply mind-boggling chapters in the personal lives of Elizabeth and her family have played out.

Former castle insiders like Dickie Arbiter, Paul Burrell, and Brian Hoey, royal confidantes like Richard Kay and Andrew Morton, historians like Kate Williams and Anne de Courcy offer a unique and privileged account of the key events, the tragedies and triumphs that have gripped a nation for nearly a century.

Food Safari Water

From Wednesday 1 August at 8.00pm (13 Parts)

Food Safari Water is the next delicious helping of Food Safari Elements. After Fire and Earth, exploring the bounty of the water, both salt and freshwater, is a whole new world of flavour. The team at Kismet Productions unearthed an abundance of recipes and cuisines, traditions and tastes…it seems every country on earth does something unique, inventive and delicious with seafood.

SBS’s much-loved food series, Food Safari, returns in a wave of glory to explore the bounty of the water, both salt and freshwater.

Hosted by Australia’s empress of food television, Maeve O’Meara, Food Safari Water is a vibrant 13-part series that serves up an abundance of multicultural seafood recipes and cuisines, traditions and tastes. It seems every country on earth does something inventive and delicious with seafood, and all of it can be found here in Australia.

Now in its 12th year on SBS, the latest stimulating series not only showcases the diverse seafood dishes of the world, it dives deep into the customs of catching and preserving fish, shellfish, crustaceans and sea vegetables. It’s also a celebration of the hardworking fishermen and women, divers and foragers, processors and smokers as well the brilliant chefs and home cooks who share their treasured recipes and techniques.

The Food Safari magic that SBS viewers have come to love, continues – showcasing cuisines as diverse as Senegalese, Sri Lankan, Greek, Spanish, Peruvian, Lebanese, Turkish, Thai, English and Brazilian.

Take a journey with Maeve as she unearths Peter Conistis’s signature scallop and taramasalata moussaka; Frank Camorra’s mastery of Spanish seafood tapas; a masterclass on how to cook fish with Australia’s top seafood chef Steve Hodges; and the heart-beat-faster excitement of the mullet run, up Australia’s east coast with Giovanni Pilu.

Tony Robinson: Britain’s Ancient Tracks

From Thursday 2 August at 7.30pm (3 Parts)

Presenter and amateur historian Tony Robinson makes his way along Britain’s most scenic and captivating ancient tracks. These are trails whose origins are lost in antiquity and existed from earliest prehistoric times but can still be walked today. He weaves archaeology with on-location interviews to bring the history of the tracks to life as we snake through landscape and time.

Week commencing 22 July

Sunday 22 July
07.30pm First Civilisations
08.30pm Tour de France 2018 Live Stages – Stage 15

Monday 23 July
Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane
07.35pm Inside Kensington Palace
08.30pm Great British Railway Journeys Rpt
09.00pm Football: Perth Glory v Chelsea
11.45pm Salamander Rpt

07.35pm Inside Kensington Palace
08.30pm Football: Perth Glory v Chelsea
11.15pm Great British Railway Journeys Rpt
11.45pm Salamander Rpt

06.30pm SBS World News
07.30pm Football: Perth Glory v Chelsea
09.45pm Inside Kensington Palace
10.40pm Great British Railway Journeys Rpt
11.15pm Grand Tours of Scotland Rpt

Tuesday 24 July
07.30pm Who Do You Think You Are? Rachel Griffiths Rpt
08.30pm Insight
09.30pm Tour de France 2018 Live Stages – Stage 16

Wednesday 25 July
07.30pm Titanic: The New Evidence
08.30pm Simon Reeve in Burma Ep1 Premiere
09.30pm Dead Lucky Ep1 Series Premiere
10.30pm Tour de France 2018 Live Stages – Stage 17

Thursday 26 July
07.30pm Great British Railway Journeys
08.00pm Peter Curuvita’s Coastal Kitchen S2 Ep6
08.30pm Bonnie and Clyde
09.30pm Tour de France 2018 Live Stages – Stage 18

Friday 27 July
07.35pm Extreme Railway Journeys
08.30pm Tour de France 2018 Live Stages – Stage 19

Saturday 28 July
07.30pm Joanna Lumley’s Trans-Siberian Adventure Ep2
08.30pm Tour de France 2018 Live Stages – Stage 20

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The Son

From Tuesday 7 August at 11.00pm (10 Parts)

Based on the New York Times best seller and Pulitzer Prize-nominated novel, The Son is a sweeping family saga that spans 150 years and three generations of the McCullough family. The ten-episode, one-hour drama traces the story of Eli McCullough’s (Pierce Brosnan) transformation from good-natured innocence to calculated violence, as he loses everything on the wild frontier, setting him on the path to building a ranching-and-oil dynasty of unsurpassed wealth and privilege.

The Son deftly explores how Eli’s ruthlessness and quest for power triggers consequences that span generations, as the McCulloughs rise to become one of the richest families reigning in Texas.

Joanna Lumley’s Greek Odyssey

From Saturday 11 August at 8.00pm (4 Parts)

Joanna Lumley is on an Odyssey through Greece, one of the most diverse and surprising countries in Europe. Greece is where western civilisation began; drama, democracy and language to science, philosophy and medicine all originated from here. This country has given the world so much, which has left an enduring legacy on the fabric of our everyday life.

While on her Greek Odyssey, Joanna explores both the ancient and modern aspects to Greece. Following in the footsteps of the ancient Greeks, she visits some of the most significant sites of the empire, exploring the history, Gods, beliefs, myths and legends which hail from this most significant chapter in European history.

Latest round of Screen Australia funding:

Rebecca Summerton and Sophie Hyde, the producer and directing duo behind Closer Productions have teamed up with a new drama series for SBS, The Hunt. The series will be Closer Productions’ first long form television drama project with Sophie Hyde directing and Matthew Cormack (52 Tuesdays) and Niki Aken (The Secret Daughter) on board to write.

The 4 x 54 minute female-centric drama centres on two high school teachers who discover students are sharing explicit photos of their underage friends and peers – a revelation that puts unbearable stress on the tightly woven lives of four teenagers and their families. South Australian Film Corporation has also invested in the series.


Original and compelling screen stories created by content makers with disability is the focus of the FULL TILT short documentary initiative, from the South Australian Film Corporation (SAFC) in partnership with SBS. Three stand-alone short screen works by South Australian filmmakers will premiere on SBS’s streaming platform, SBS On Demand, in 2019.

CEO of the South Australian Film Corporation, Courtney Gibson, said: “FULL TILT is about creating great content and developing skills and opportunities for screen practitioners with disability. SAFC is pleased to be partnering with SBS to develop and deliver truly innovative and highly distinctive screen storytelling for diverse audiences.”

SBS Director of TV and Online Content, Marshall Heald, said: “The new Short-Form Content Initiative further strengthens SBS’s commitment to growing diversity in the screen sector, encourages greater collaboration with screen agencies to support the local creative industry and ultimately, will influence how we tell stories on screen.”

This initiative will prioritise diverse filmmakers, with two out of the three key creatives in each team (based on a team of writer, director, producer) coming from underrepresented communities and at least one member of the key creative team being a filmmaker who is Deaf or with disability. If there are only two key creatives, one member of the key creative team must be a filmmaker who is Deaf or with disability.

Development funding and a development workshop will be provided for up to five shortlisted teams. The SAFC and SBS will then co-fund three teams to go into production.

Submissions close August 13.

More information can be found on the Funding & Support- Development Support page at

This sounds like The Dirtwater Dynasty set in Texas.

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Sunday 29 July
7:30pm First Civilisations, Final Episode
8:30pm Ewan And Colin McGregor: RAF at 100, Premiere
10:15pm Secrets Of The Long Haul Flight

Monday 30 July
7:35PM Inside Windsor Castle, Series Premiere
8:30PM How To Get Fit Fast, Season Premiere
9:30PM 24 Hours In Emergency Season Premiere

Great Indian Railway Journeys

From Tuesday 14 August at 7.30pm (6 Parts)

Michael Portillo embarks on a classic rail journey from Amritsar to Shimla. Along the way he helps feed the thousands at the world’s largest free kitchen and travels the railway routes used by millions of migrants during Partition. He gives his trademark colourful wardrobe an Indian twist, and reaches the foothills of the Himalayas, where the epic Kalka to Shimla hill railway carries him to the former summer seat of the British rulers of the Raj.

The Employables

From Wednesday 22 August at 8.30pm (3 parts)

New SBS documentary series challenges disadvantaged job seekers to start a million dollar business

Australia’s unemployment rate might not seem shocking at first glance, but a closer look reveals a disturbing truth among pockets of society. Indigenous Australians, immigrants and refugees, the LGBTIQ+ community, people with disabilities, youth, the elderly, single parents and former prisoners all face a significantly higher incidence of prejudice or discrimination and a greater chance of being denied employment opportunities.

The Employables is an emotionally charged three-part documentary series that shines a light on a group of individuals, each representing the most marginalised job seekers in the Australian workforce, who come together to form the country’s hottest next start-ups.

Applicants arrive armed with business ideas that could change their lives, and extraordinary stories of the challenges they have faced in search of employment. They include a Sudanese refugee; an amputee who hasn’t been able to get a job since losing his leg in an accident; a chef who was shut out of the kitchen after losing his eyesight; and a single mum who ended up homeless.

The hopeful applicants will then pitch their business ideas to self-made millionaire and one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs, Creel Price and his team of experts and coaches. A meticulous process follows to choose twelve people to take to the next stage, where they are put through their paces to find the six who will continue on.

Under the guidance of Creel and his team, the group will have just eight weeks to turn their ideas into million dollar businesses. Creel and his team will take the group on an unparalleled, intensive and emotional crash course in business. Along the way will be the emotional personal stories of the chosen team who are thrust together, facing the biggest challenge of their lives.

SBS Director of Television and Online Content, Marshall Heald said, “The Employables is a unique, original SBS format that showcases a group of individuals who all have passion and drive to make a success of their business.

“The series shines a light on Australian minority groups who are more likely to struggle to find employment, and aims to give a voice to people who are often misunderstood. The Employables offers viewers a rare insight into the camaraderie, conflict and collaboration that emerge in the birth of a business. For all of the participants, the stakes have never been higher as the success of their start-up could mean a new life for themselves and their families.”

Creel Price added, “It’s not necessarily just about creating a great business. It’s about personal growth. How do we actually help those that wouldn’t normally get a head start and lift up, how do we give them some new skills that can take them through other parts of their life?

“I believe we can do this against all the odds and that people who face more hurdles can actually achieve something that even they don’t think is possible. Every Australian deserves the chance to follow their dream.”

Documentary Vitamania will have its world premiere on SBS next Sunday (August 12) at 8.30pm. It is made by science educator Dr Derek Muller.

The Body Coach

From Monday 27 August at 8.35pm (3 Parts)

Joe Wicks - aka The Body Coach - is an established online fitness and diet guru with over four million social media followers to date. He’s the author of Lean in 15, the UK’s second bestselling cookbook of all time and, most recently, Joe has been named as the only non-fiction author to ever hold the top three positions in the UK book charts at the same time!

With a grounding in physiology and anatomy, Joe set up as a personal trainer and his interest in nutrition grew. Irritated that clients often trained hard but neglected nutritional advice, Joe wanted to show what could be achieved by eating correctly. He has already transformed the bodies of more than 100,000 clients - including the likes of Amanda Holden, Ella Eyre, Jessie J, Olly Murs, Ellie Goulding, Sheridan Smith and England footballer John Terry.

Joe is bringing his unique brand of exercise and nutrition to our TV screens, enrolling the public to join his fitness revolution in his new series. The show is about body confidence and Joe will be helping men and women get fit and lean so that they can achieve the body of their dreams with a healthy lifestyle. He’s going to prove that you can eat more with his trademark entertaining recipes, and exercise less with his equally well-known short workouts, and still get the body you’ve always wanted.

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SBS has picked up several documentaries produced by French environmentalist Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

Knightfall has been renewed.

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