SBS/ABC proposed merger c1986

Came across this on YouTube

Seems the idea of merging the 2 isn’t a new idea

Here’s The Canberra Times article from 14th August 1986:

From the following day:

A proposal in which SBS would be called “ABC One”, with ABC to be called “ABC Two”.

Then there was the merger Bill, which was blocked by the Senate.

In April 1987, the Hawke Labor Government abandoned the idea of a merger.

Between this proposed merger and aggregation which happened a few years later it seems that Hawke/Keating were determined to ruin television for everyone

Well the prophecy has been fulfilled

Aggregation might have been bad for the industry but it was always going to be a win for the public who’d been starved of choice for 30 years.

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Sure the status quo probably wasn’t the best but we destroyed any hope of having local content and handed everything over to the big networks.

Don’t see how viewers would’ve benefited from scrapping SBS either

yeah, that was a huge balls up.

True cause those in the regions were at the whim of programming directors of the local commercial stations who decided which metro programming they got.

Having said that it could’ve been done without killing off local content.

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