Russia Ukraine conflict - Coverage Discussion

We sanction Russia’s billionaires, they sanction ours.
Not much more too it than that!

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Ukraine has really slipped out of the headlines. Guess we’re desensitised to the idea of war in Europe, and feels like the world will live with it for the foreseeable future.

What I found most offputting about recent coverage is that Ukraine’s propaganda became far too blatant, and it’s near insulting to have seen the MSM just straight up repeat obvious falsehoods that were designed to keep Ukrainian citizens feeling positive about their situation rather than be reporting it as fact in the west. I stopped following the situation in the news when it started to become difficult to find sources that weren’t already poisoned by either Ukrainian or Russian propaganda.

The other thing is reporting on western governments, particularly the US giving billions of dollars of aid to Ukraine is unappealing at a time when there’s near out of control inflation and cost of living pressures.

Those journalists listed taking it as a badge of honour.

Also, potential for Albanese to visit Ukraine next week.