Rugby Union TV Broadcast Rights 2021-2024 (Nine/Stan Sport)

Who knows how much interest there will be in this…

Rugby Australia have today unveiled the largest and most comprehensive collection of Rugby rights ever assembled, with prospective broadcasters having now received documentation to begin the next phase of the negotiation process.

The current agreement expires on 31 December 2020 as Rugby in Australia is set to enter a new exciting era in its storied history with proven broadcast performers as well as exciting new content amongst the offering.

The rights include a variety of options for broadcasters or the opportunity to own rights to the entire package, specifically:

The Rugby Championship and Bledisloe Cup for the Australian Men’s national team, the Wallabies
International Tests for the Australian Women’s national team, the Wallaroos
A ‘State of Union’ competition between New South Wales and Queensland, with players to play for their state of birth or where they played their Club rugby
An Australian domestic Super Rugby competition including five Australian teams, or, a trans-Tasman Super Rugby competition that includes five Australian teams.
A four-week Super Eight competition, to be played at the conclusion of the respective domestic Super Rugby competitions, and be a cross-over Championship between the top two teams from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa as well as one team from Japan and South America
A short form National Club Championship between the top Premier Club teams in Australia following the completion of the respective Club competitions
New South Wales’ Shute Shield competition as well as Queensland’s Premier Club Rugby competition
A showcase of the best schoolboy Rugby in Australia
Interim Rugby Australia Chief Executive Rob Clarke said: “We will do whatever is in the best interests of Australian rugby and we’ve been working hard on a variety of competition models, not just for Super Rugby but for every level of the game.”

“We have a whole range of new rights that we’re including into this package and we’re very excited by some of that new content. At Super Rugby level for 2021, we have incorporated two options, one is a domestic only model and the other is a trans-Tasman model.

“We have some new initiatives we’re also incorporating; a State of Union Series, which is our State of Origin, which is new content. A Super 8 Series, which is a four-week long crossover competition at the end of our domestic competition that includes the top-ranked teams from New Zealand, South Africa, Japan and South America.

“We also have a short form National Club Rugby Championship that we would like to launch with some of the best Clubs in the country at the end of the Club Rugby seasons.

“Then of course, there are the rights to the New South Wales’ Shute Shield and Queensland Premier Club Rugby competitions, in addition to a showcase Series of the best schoolboy Rugby around the country.

“When you look at it that way, there is a package of rights from grassroots right to the top of the International game and it’s a really high quality offering for any prospective broadcaster, and one that we’re extremely excited about,” Clarke said.

John Knox has served as an independent advisor throughout the process, alongside a Rugby Australia board sub-committee, with informal discussions having started with interested parties three months ago.

Rugby Australia has informed prospective broadcasters to return submissions by Friday 4 September 2020


ABC to get the rights for nothing? :grinning:

Only for those who wants sports to be on 10…

So Super Rugby becomes (more then likely) a local competition and then there is some sort of Super Duper Rugby between the top teams from SA/AU/NZ (and Japan/Argentina)?

I can see this selling well - tempted to put a pineapple down for the rights myself

@OnAir feel free to use “Super Duper Rugby” when talking to your mates about it - lets give it some buzz


The NZ comp has gone gangbusters. They’ll be keen to try and replicate it if possible, while fattening it out with some Aussie teams (but not too many) and a Pacific side to bottle some of the magic.



Yeah, im not surprised at that - I (like a lot of people) have little hesitation watching Super Rugby games featuring two NZ sides - an Australian only comp will be a bit flat. I hope they get the combined one going

I’ll raise you two apples and a banana for those rights!

Pineapple oh please, if it’s not on a pizza than it’s not worth throwing it in the mix for rights!

Going to be interesting to see if Optus is serious about sport or just interested in the world game.

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They were very interested pre-Covid and a deal was imminent. Things have changed, obviously and I’m intrigued to see if their interest still holds, even if the financial figure might not.


Do Seven buy in just to keep the Club Rugby?

Optus told the Big Sports Breakfast in May:

Given COVID-19 is hanging around, is there much chance their stance has changed?

I trust my source on this one that it was close.


I am still trying to access the DT article about Optus and 10 potentially securing the broadcast rights. The Roar has summarized it.

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Over on SMH they are saying that the British Irish Lions won’t be included in the broadcast deal as it will be sold separately

Option 1 is a 32-team knockout competition similar to the FFA Cup, and will involve premier rugby competition in every state and territory.
Option 2 is a 16-team knockout competition with 15 matches across four weeks but only with teams from the Shute Shield (NSW), Hospital Cup (QLD), John I Dent Cup (ACT), Dewar Shield (VIC) and Fortescue Premier Grade (WA).
Option 3 is a 8-team round-robin competition with teams from competitions listed in option 2. The eight teams will be divided into two groups of four. Each team would play three games, one against each other, before the top two advance to semi-finals.
Option 4 is similar to option 3 but with two wildcards. There willl be two wildcard playoffs with winners qualifying for pool stage.

Either of these would be best. Preferably the first though. Will just depend on what Optus/10/RugbyPass wants.

Has there been any rumours that Ten and Optus are still interested?

Given 10 are not renewing some sports deals and favoring more entertainment programming, I doubt they are still looking at this low rating content.


The game needs to built back up from its heyday in the ‘90s and ‘00s. That’s a lot of work. I don’t think they have it in them.

I don’t understand why no one reads the article I happen to post about it. As The Roar happens to summarise what Daily Telegraph has written. There are still rumours of Optus & 10 favorites to win the International Rugby including Super Rugby. Fox Sports is set to bid for Club Rugby only.

I have attached the link to the article below:

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