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Tasmania takes centre stage for comedy series Rosehaven

ABC TV is pleased to announce that production on the new eight-part comedy series Rosehaven is underway in Tasmania. Created by and starring two of Australia’s most popular comedians Tasmanian born Luke McGregor (Luke Warm Sex, Utopia) and Celia Pacquola (Utopia,The Beautiful Lie), Rosehaven will be filmed entirely on location, with a majority Tasmanian cast and crew helping bring Rosehaven to life.

Starring alongside Luke and Celia is a formidable, mostly Tasmanian-based comic ensemble, including: Kris McQuade (Wentworth, The Kettering Incident), Anthony Morgan (Ronny Chieng: International Student, Problems), Katie Robertson (Wanted, The Kettering Incident) and 87-year-old Noela Foxcroft in her first on-going television role. From the mainland, David Quirk (Please Like Me) also joins the cast, while Jonathan Brough (Sammy J & Randy in Ricketts Lane, It’s A Date) and Tasmanian Shaun Wilson (iview’s Noirhouse) will direct the series.

Luke says “It still hasn’t sunk in that we’re making a TV show, Celia and I have to remind each other regularly that this is actually happening. Every time I walk into the production office I expect it to be closed with a sign out the front that says 'we were just kidding’.”

Celia adds “I am so thrilled and thankful that I get to make a TV show with one of my best friends, Luke McGregor. I mean, Luke and I really should have written more scenes with us holding puppies in Hawaii or making out with movie stars but I guess we’ll try for season two.”

When Daniel McCallum (Luke McGregor), returns to his rural Tasmanian hometown, Rosehaven, to take over his family’s troubled real estate business, he’s surprisingly joined by his best (city) friend Emma (Celia Pacquola), on the run from a marriage that didn’t last the honeymoon. Between Daniel’s crippling anxiety and Emma’s exuberant irresponsibility, will they be able to save the business? It seems unlikely, but it will be fun to watch them try. And might their friendship mean more than they realise?

Filming starts May 9th, with the stunning town of Geeveston in the Huon Valley and the historic town of New Norfolk in the Derwent Valley, providing the key locations for the series. Rosehaven will air on ABC TV later in the year.

Production Credits: A Guesswork Television Production. Created and Written by Luke McGregor and Celia Pacquola. Directed by Jonathan Brough and Shaun Wilson. Produced by Andrew Walker. Co-Producer Fiona McConaghy. Executive Producer Kevin Whyte. ABC Executive Producers Rick Kalowski and Brett Sleigh.

Rosehaven premieres Wednesday 12 October at 9:00pm

8 episodes

Rural Tasmania provides the spectacular backdrop for Rosehaven, a new comedy series created by, and starring, two of Australia’s most loved comic talents: Luke McGregor (Luke Warm Sex, Utopia) and Celia Pacquola (Utopia, The Beautiful Lie). Daniel McCallum (Luke) returns to his rural Tasmanian hometown, Rosehaven, to help his formidable mother in her real estate business. He gets a surprise when his best (city) friend Emma (Celia) turns up on the doorstep, on the run from a marriage that didn’t last the honeymoon.

Love Celia so it will be worth checking it out.Thank god for the ABC giving us plenty of Australian content.

I noticed the letterbox presentation of this show. So is the start of television programs being filmed in extra wide screen now?

Is it 21:9 as opposed to 16:9?

###Rosehaven set to return to ABC this year

SundanceTV to acquire season one and join as co-producer for season two

Celia Pacquola and Luke McGregor head back to Tasmania this June for a second series of the acclaimed comedy Rosehaven.

The eight episode season, created by, written by, and starring Pacquola and McGregor, will premiere later this year both in the U.S. on SundanceTV and in Australia on ABC. The series will also be streamed on SundanceNow in the U.S. and Canada and ABC iview in Australia after its linear run.

When Rosehaven premiered on ABC in 2016, not only did it captivate audiences and critics alike with its fresh take on the small town comedy, but it fast became ABC’s top rated comedy series for the year.

“'When making our show in a small town in Tasmania, it’s hard to imagine, next stop Hollywood! But here we are. We are so excited about Rosehaven making it all the way to the U.S.,” said co-creator and co-star Celia Pacquola.

“The first season is quirky, charming, relatable, sweet, and hilarious – all the ingredients of great comedy,” said Jan Diedrichsen, General Manager SundanceTV and SundanceNow. “We’re thrilled to partner with the ABC to bring this amazing show not only back for a second season but also to U.S. audiences.”

“Rosehaven is a show very close to my heart - among my favourite comedies we’ve ever done at ABC. To bring it back for more and to an even bigger audience thanks to our U.S. partners at SundanceTV is a wonderful honour", said Rick Kalowski, Head of Comedy, ABC.

With the continued support of the Tasmanian Government through Screen Tasmania and the Victorian Government through Film Victoria, Rosehaven will shoot in and around Hobart and the Huon Valley. Post production will again take place in Victoria.

“The best thing about filming in Tasmania (apart from how nice it looks) is that I get to walk past my old high school where I got bullied, and yell at it every night: ‘I HAVE A TV SHOW NOW!!’ A lot of people have told me it’s not healthy but it’s a really long walk to get there so I disagree.” said co-creator and co-star Luke McGregor.

Rosehaven is a crisply written comedy set at the bottom of the world on the picturesque island of Tasmania, hovering in the Southern Ocean below Australia’s mainland. In season two Daniel (McGregor) has to prove that he has what it takes to earn his place in the family business and Emma (Pacquola) needs to decide whether small town life, and its dangerously disinhibited locksmith (Damien, played by David Quirk) are enough for her.

Also returning for season two will be Kris McQuade as Daniel’s fearsome mother Barbara; Katie Roberston as Daniel’s girlfriend Grace; Sam Cotton as Daniel’s bully Bruce; and Noela Foxtrot as the octogenarian receptionist Mrs. Marsh. Season Two will also see Jonathan Brough and Tasmania’s own, Shaun Wilson, rejoin the team directing four episodes each.

Seasons One and Two will launch on SundanceTV in the final quarter of 2017. Season Two will also premiere in Australia on ABC TV and iview in the final quarter of 2017.

Rosehaven generates jobs for Tasmania’s film industry and contributes $22 million worth of investment over past 2 years.

Season 2 wraps.

It’s a quaint little show and it’s always a bonus to see something filmed in an area other than Sydney or Melbourne. Look forward to watching season 2.

Rosehaven - Season 2

Wednesday 25 October at 9:05pm

The original seasons of Rosehaven will be available on ABC iview from Wednesday 11 October.

Season 2

Two of Australia’s favourite comedians Celia Pacquola and Luke McGregor, return to ABC and ABC iview, Wednesday 25th October at 9:05pm with eight new episodes of Rosehaven.

Returning home to Rosehaven, Daniel (Luke McGregor) is adjusting to his new long-distance relationship with Grace (Katie Robertson) with the help of skype and spreadsheets, while she continues to live on the mainland. Back at work, he finds himself needing to prove that he has what it takes to earn his place in the family business.

Not only has his mum Barbara (Kris McQuade), relocated McCallum Real Estate to new offices, but to Daniel’s horror, she has promoted Emma (Celia Pacquola) who is now running meetings, when she’s not entertaining her dangerously disinhibited locksmith boyfriend Damien (David Quirk).

When Barbara points out that they need to pay their way or move on, Daniel and Emma fire into action. They are determined to prove their place in Rosehaven and McCallum Real Estate the only way that matters – by selling a house. They will go to outrageous lengths to secure a vendor and resort to even more desperate measures to find a buyer.
But selling a house in a small town isn’t easy and it’s not long before Emma and Daniel find themselves under pressure and their friendship under strain.

Will the quest to finally sell a house earn them their place in the town? Will it be enough to make Emma stick it out in Rosehaven? And, will Daniel finally earn his mother’s praise?

Filmed entirely on location across stunning South East Tasmania, Rosehaven is a small town comedy with an enormous heart.

Production Credits: A What Horse? / Guesswork Television production presented by Screen Tasmania, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and SundanceTV in association with Film Victoria. Created and Written By Celia Pacquola and Luke McGregor. Directed by Jonathan Brough and Shaun Wilson. Produced by Andrew Walker. Co-Producer Fiona McConaghy. Executive Producer Kevin Whyte. ABC Executive Producers Rick Kalowski and Brett Sleigh.

New timeslot

Rosehaven returning for a third series


ABC and SundanceTV (USA) are pleased to announce comedians Luke McGregor and Celia Pacquola will head south once again for a third series of their hit comedy Rosehaven.

Boasting a superb cast, award-winning writing and the stunning backdrop of country Tasmania, the small-town comedy series Rosehaven has been embraced by audiences in Australia and across the world. Series three finds best mates Daniel (Luke McGregor) and Emma (Celia Pacquola in her AACTA Award winning role) now firmly ensconced as bona fide real estate agents, weathering the storm of recalcitrant landlords, anxiety inducing tenants, an overbearing boss (Daniel’s mum) and a town where a 24 hour emergency butcher is considered a normal part of life. And to come will be big changes in Dan’s and Emma’s personal lives, and a real estate opportunity that threatens to divide the whole town…

“We’re very happy to be back for season 3. Will a meteorite hit the town this season? Or will it fly harmlessly overhead and none of the characters will see or reference it? Stay tuned!” say Luke and Celia.

ABC Head of Comedy Rick Kalowski said, “It’s a thrill to have one of ABC’s true jewels back for more laughs, charm and lump-in-the-throat moments in later 2018.”

A Screen Tasmania Spokesperson added, “It’s great to have Rosehaven coming back for another season and we are thrilled be a part of it. It has helped cement Tasmania’s reputation as an exceptional filming destination, with wide ranging on-screen and off-screen local talent, as well being a great place to visit.”

Rosehaven will air on ABC later in the year.

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Glad it’s returning for another season my favourite character is Daniel’s mum Barbara played by veteran actress Kris McQuade.

I’m glad the ABC let some shows go on for more than one season.

Cameras ready to roll in Tasmania on Rosehaven series three

The multi-award-winning ABC and SundanceTV (USA) comedy series Rosehaven, written by and starring two of Australia’s favourite comedians Luke McGregor and Celia Pacquola, starts filming this month in Tasmania.

Reprising their 2018 Logie nominated roles for Most Popular Actor and Actress, series three finds best friends and workmates Daniel (Luke McGregor) and Emma (Celia Pacquola) now ensconced as bona fide Rosehaven real estate agents. Weathering a storm of recalcitrant landlords, anxiety inducing tenants and an overbearing boss (Daniel’s mum), series three sees them also faced with big changes in their personal lives and a real estate opportunity that threatens to divide the whole town.

The hit ABC comedy will showcase Tasmania’s unique stories, characters and landscapes to the rest of the world. Filming over seven weeks in Tasmania, Rosehaven will feature locations such as Oatlands, Geeveston, New Norfolk, Longley, Richmond, Seven Mile Beach, Mountain River, Brighton and Chigwell.

Head of ABC Comedy Rick Kalowski said: “Being back in Tasmania making Rosehaven Series 3 for ABC, and Sundance thanks to our US partners, is a joy. I’ve had few more thrilling days than when Celia and Luke first pitched it - knowing immediately ABC had to make it, and that it had the potential to charm audiences worldwide. And so it’s proved to be.”

The third series of Rosehaven will boost Tasmania’s television industry and talent, on and off camera, including the full-time employment of 35 Tasmanian practitioners and additional full-time training roles on the crew, supported by Screen Tasmania.

The ABC’s investment in Tasmanian productions has more than doubled since 2014/15, exemplifying the ABC’s unrivalled commitment to high-quality, distinctive Australian content across the country.

Rosehaven series 3 starts filming Monday 18th June.

Are there two new cast members there?

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New season commences Wednesday 30 January at 8.30pm


I just come here to ask when it was starting! Great news, I love this show :slight_smile:

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Series return on 30 January will be a double episode.

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