RFDS - Royal Flying Doctor Service

Glad that there is good responses overall for the first episode tonight.

I haven’t watched it yet, but will do so hopefully soon.

Encore today at 2pm.

Just saw the first episode this afternoon and I liked it.

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I have really liked the first two episodes and hope that it holds it audience from last week, and thanks to tonights episode I learnt that amniotic fluid is corrosive.

It’s a quality show but it is very depressing with the deaths from last week. Probably would have been better to have done this later in the season.

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The first episode was good, but for me it hasn’t really been able to maintain that

Yeah, I think it was a mistake the series to make it so dreary from the start. I seriously had trouble staying focused on last night’s episode.

I was thinking about how the original The Flying Doctors could mix drama and comedy well. When they did the “R.F.D.S.” spin-off in 1993, it was all about the drama and only lasted one season.

I haven’t watched episode 2 or 3 as yet… but are the charterers likeable?

I’d say yes and no. There are good actors in the cast and the characters have potential but the main depressing storyline has sucked the life out of all the characters.

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RFDS had its international premiere at online forum of Series Mania in Lille, France this week. It is one of six Australian shows represented at the trade event.

In New Zealand it will screen on TVNZ 1 very soon

I have enjoyed RDFS, I do agree though that they have gone a bit hard on the sad storylines and possibly could add some lighter touches next season if it gets renewed by Ch7

Thoughts on renewal?

I suspect if it has decent overseas sales it might get a second outing

This week in the first episode, they started with some good light-hearted stuff and I thought for a while, hey, maybe we’ve turned a corner. Maybe the show can have a good balance of light and shade.

There was also some hope with a rescue that was tinged with tragedy but then they completely ruined it by creating more tragedy, suffering and death. How much depressing stuff can these characters be subjected to?


I’d argue that depressing stuff is what keeps viewers hooked in. I don’t think many people have the patience for slow dramas these days where nothing of substance happens.

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ReallY? Depressing stuff hooks viewers in? How do you explain the ratings dropping further for every episode screened?

Killing off so many of their patients doesn’t make them a very good rescue team or an inspirational show.

Except you need to balance everything out. It can’t just be jolly happy all the way or tragic and sad all the way. It needs to be a mix.


Exactly. Just like real life.


Final episode tonight was good.
Really hope 7 renew this for a second season and that the writers take on some of the feedback from the viewers and lighten up the storyline’s a little bit or at least balance them a bit more.

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I hope 7 gives it another run - the ratings (especially after a week on catchup) are decent.

Its good to see some decent Australian drama, while there was a bit of a mid-season dip in the quality, it ended well

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