Regional Radio Ratings

That tells you how crap Repeat FM is.

What other stations can they pick up there?


Very little… I think York has a community radio station 6YCR 101.3 but that’s about it … So I’m curious what the other 28.2% is… Internet radio?


I think a fair chunk of that would be towards the 2kW HPON AM service, Radio Great Southern, which broadcasts on 1422 kHz out of Wagin.

Facebook page for the station:


Many possibilities with four markets surveyed.

Northam licence area has some overspill from Perth.

If the Wagin HPON is active, that’s another option. Last I streamed it, sounded very hillbilly radio, more homely than professional community stations, locals may like it.

Don’t know about s40 Gold MX Albany if that makes it north of the Albany licence area into the area surveyed.

Would be interesting how far east the Mandurah signals travel from Pinjarra considering they’re on the western side of the scarp.


Not 28%, Wagin is just one town in the survey area that quite a large one territory wise. And 1422 is only 2kw.


And unless our WA correspondents have travelled there, we have no idea of the coverage quality.

I recall travelling to Albany years ago and AM 783 had a poor coverage area beyond Albany. Travelling across from Esperance and the wonderful Ralph Bower legacy of 5kW DA coverage area, took a long time for 6VA 783 to come into signal.


I was just going to post - ‘Who is the other 28%?’

More than a capital city ‘other’, with next to no ‘other’ choices. You guys have covered it - Perth and Mandurah overspill. York 101.3. Wagin 1422 and 1611 and maybe Katanning Sonshine 97.3.

1422 Wagin makes it into Bunbury during the day. 1611 is covered by Vision Margaret River, then Gold MX solid all night. Out here in country WA you need to go the extra mile to find a good radio station to listen to.

Bittersweet result for Paul Cook, beating is former employer in RadioWest. We’ve had Paul on ABC Southwest last few mornings covering Stan Shaw. Both very easy going low key country ABC presenters. I like listening to them both.


Today, we’re in Dubbo:

Zoo FM remain on top with 20.9% (-1.3 from 2022), followed closely by Triple M with 20.6% (+0.5), 2DU with 14% (-0.2), JJJ with 5.9% (-0.9), and ABC Western Plains with 4.8% (+1.1).

In the demos, Zoo is #1 in the under-40s, with Triple M topping the 40-64s, and 2DU dominating in the 65+.

In breakfast, Zoo’s Keegan Brown is #1 with 21.5% (-0.3), followed very closely by Triple M’s Jodi & Matho with 21.4% (+2.2), and 2DU’s Iain Thurlow with 13.1% (-2.1).
In drive, Will & Woody on Zoo was #1 with 23.3% (+0.3), followed closely by Triple M’s Rush Hour with 22.5% (-0.6).

The “Other Stations” share is at 31.2%, down 0.1 from 2022.


Do Will & Woody begin at 5pm there like other Bill stations? (Can’t access their website)

Yes. :slightly_smiling_face:

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A much better bounce-back from Triple M Dubbo compared to the previous survey.

Worth noting - Matho (now one half of Triple M Dubbo breakfast - this being his first survey at SCA) was at ZooFM breakfast for a number of years.


Today, we’re off to Mackay & The Whitsundays:

Star 101.9 has shot back up from 3rd last year to take out 1st place this year with 21.9%, up a whopping 5.0. Triple M remained at 2nd with 20.3% (+0.2), whilst Hit fell from 1st last year to 3rd this year with 15.1%, down 5.5. Elsewhere, ABC Tropical North rated 10.3% (-1.1), JJJ rated 8.6% (+1.1), and 4MK rated 7.9% (+0.3).

In the demos, Star is #1 in the under-40s, with Triple M topping the 40-64s, and ABC Tropical North dominating in the 65+, with 4MK the #1 commercial station in the latter demo.

In breakfast, Star’s Rach & Jake is #1 with 21.4% (+3.6), followed by Triple M’s Jay & Dave with 19.9% (+0.2), and Hit’s Bronte & Lakey from the Gold Coast with 17.3% (-2.7). In drive, Will & Woody on Star was #1 with 22.1% (+4.4), followed closely by Triple M’s Rush Hour with 21.6% (+2.7), and Hit’s Carrie & Tommy with 15.8% (-4.9).

The “Other Stations” share is at 11.5%, down 0.4 from last year.


ABC Class’s share of 0.3% seems a bit more believable than Canberra’s; even lower than News Radio.


Yep totally believable. Why on earth doesn’t ABC beam in ABC Country or Double J or better still launch a Radio 2 clone in place of ABC Classic. Surely they have a duty to provide some value to the public for the use of spectrum, and the taxpayer costs of running the transmitter! They don’t need to aim to be number 1, but getting less than 1% of the audience is a waste of taxpayer money.


A great result for Star and not so for Hit. There seems to be a trend lately with the regional Hit stations loosing a fair chunk of listeners going by these surveys. The very narrow playlist and having no local announcers are not working for them.
4MK is not a bad station. Their biggest downfall is they are still on AM. If they converted to FM, watch ratings rise.


Thanks for taking us all around the countryside for the surveys!

Nice to see some tropical sun at this time of year.

Where do I send my travel and accommodation bill to? :grin:


I was up that way for a holiday at around this time last year, and there was indeed some nice weather there. :slight_smile:

And yes, I did check out the local media whilst I was there. :wink:


I’ve got relatives up there and go up a few times a year. Mackay is actually very nice. Beautiful in winter especially. When I’m there I nearly always find myself on 4MK or there’s a community stations too that isn’t too bad. I’m not a fan of the commercial FM’s. Triple M always seems to be on sport over the weekends. Star irks me for some reason but it is still preferable to Hit.


I probably go there 5 to 6 times a year. Same, I have some family up there.
I always had a soft spot for Jay & Dave on Triple M and then I found myself listening Star during the day.
They have Rob Kid in the mornings on 4MK. He is a good listen also. :blush:


Agree @hemi340, 4MK back on FM would cause havoc for SCA’s Triple M in the 40-64 demo they do well in.

Scott van der Linden had been the MD and it is the home market for the gold format heard across many of the former Grant regionals. You can hear almost the entire log by streaming Hot Tomato Gold with a very low clutter schedule, more than what you’d hear on 4MK itself.