Regional Radio Ratings


Do they still carry the Triple M Greatest Hit format?


On weekends they do. Not sure about weekdays as I don’t listen to Mix that much anymore.


On weekdays from 5am to 7pm, they still use the local log. You can see it for yourself here:

They’re currently doing “80s August” this month, which is now only on weekdays from 8am to 6pm, as the regional Triple M stations don’t go ‘all 80s’ on weekends unlike in previous years.


So both Mix and Zinc on Sunshine Coast are doing 80’s August at the same time??




What are the next markets due for release and when?

The Gong is in survey currently.


According to my post from 1st August, the Central Coast of NSW & Darwin are the next markets due to having their ratings released, but when they’re released is not known.

That’s good to know. It’ll be interesting to see on whether i98 loses its dominance in the ratings since its owner WIN is less popular under the Ten affiliation compared to their previous higher-rating Nine affiliation. Although in last year’s survey, the station went up 4% in the ratings compared to the 2015 survey, but it was only a few months since the affiliation change had occurred.

That said, I would still expect to see i98 take out the #1 spot in this year’s Wollongong ratings survey, but the gap between it & Wave would narrow from 10.6% that they had last year.


i98 will be No.1.


Central Coast is out tomorrow.


The Central Coast ratings are out now:

Sea FM maintains its #1 position at 17.9%, despite going down 2% from last year, whilst Star 104.5 is not far behind at 17.3%, up 3.3% from last year. 2GO fell to 11.7%, which is down 2% from last year.

In the demographics, Sea FM is #1 in the under-40s, Star is #1 in the 40-54s & 2GO is ahead in the 55+, with Star scoring double-digits in the 55-64s.

The Sydney & Newcastle stations are not listed in the survey, with the ‘Other Stations’ at 39.2%.


Along with the Sydney & Newcastle commercial stations, you’d think Coast FM 96.3 would probably also get a decent chunk of that “Other Stations” audience (especially among the older demographics)?


I should think so, considering that they’re playing music that 2GO had long since abandoned to compete with Star.


I don’t think the Newcastle commercial stations get a lot of the “other stations”, people in Newcastle don’t listen to NEWFM & 2HD, & KO/NX are mostly the same as 2GO/SEA, so coasties are unlikely to listen to Newcastle (other than Triple J & ABC Classic, possibly some to 1233 ABC Newcastle).

I’m not sure what CoastFM would’ve got in this survey?

One person in particular at a CC commercial station has a big problem believing that any community stations have anyone listening & they’ve voiced their disapproval of anything else to that fact numerous times, elsewhere.

This is unofficial, but came from a reliable source (I don’t know who it was though), it’s supposed to be secret & not disclosed, but it’s believed that CoastFM got a 7 or 9 (can’t remember which it was) in the last survey, we definitely beat ABC CC. ABC would have other listeners to 702 Sydney & some to 1233 ABC Newcastle to add on top of the ABC CC ratings though.

I’d guess CoastFM would’ve got around those numbers again?

A lot of people on the CC listen to Smooth 95.3 & surprisingly WSFM too, so big “others” figures would go there.


In the 65+ age bracket 69.3% for other stations :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Most of those would be listening to 2GB from Sydney, followed by ABC Radio Sydney (as opposed to 92.5 ABC Central Coast) & Coast FM.

No surprises there, considering that they’re offering music formats that is not really covered by the local commercial stations, particularly on among the older audiences.


Today, it’s Darwin’s turn:

Hot 100 maintains its #1 position with a 34.4% share, with sister station Mix 104.9 at 2nd place with 22.5%, which is up 4.3% from last year. ABC Radio Darwin is a distant 3rd at 14% (down 3.6% from last year), followed by JJJ at 9.7%.

The ‘Other Stations’ share is at 13%, most of which would be towards Territory FM.


How does the other station figure differ from this survey to last for Darwin and Central Coast?


Compared to last year, the ‘Other Stations’ share was up 0.3% in Darwin, whilst on the Central Coast, it’s also up 0.3%.


I remember a few years back Territory FM was the highest rating station when the Grant station were a mess. Sounds like Mix and Hot100 have lifted their game. I’ve heard Mix have gone more male friendly which would of taken listeners away from Territory FM.


Hobart has their radio ratings released this morning:

ABC Radio Hobart maintains its #1 position with 18%, despite going down 2.8% from last year, followed closely by 7HO with 17.7% (up 1.4%), Triple M (formerly Heart) with 16.9%, which went up 3% from last year & Hit 100.9 with 16.7%, down 1.5%. JJJ managed a 12.3% share, which is up 0.2% from last year.

Interestingly, Triple M is ahead of 7HO in the 18-24s, 25-39s & 40-54s, whilst it’s the other way around in the 55-64s & 65+, despite the latter sounding a bit younger in its music format than the former. JJJ is #1 in the 25-39s, whilst Hit is #1 in the under-25s.

With Grant-owned 7HO outrating the two SCA stations, it illustrates that their “100% Hobart” marketing is paying dividends. :slight_smile: