Regional Radio (non-SCA)

Its recorded from Acacia Gardens on my SDR, the audio levels on air are very low hence why the audio blends in well with the background hiss.


I have noticed this for quite a while now, and mentioned this in a post several weeks ago.
It is at it’s worse if the pitch of the song fluctuates loud / Soft. The dampening is basically cutting out the audio when this happens.

I was up the Blue Mountains yesterday and it was doing it at Wentworth Falls in areas of high signal strength. Definitely not a signal strength issue, most likely faulty equipment again.

@RFBurns can you please bring it to the attention of the tech as it looks like the same fault has reoccurred again?


The fact that the fault keeps reoccurring seems to suggest not many other people listen to Move on 99.5… I wonder if Blue Mountains locals even know it exists.


Even the tech who manages Move / 2LT said that 99.5 Move fm has very few listeners. 101.1 2LT has more listeners because of the relay of 2GB programming, and the poor signal of 873 2GB in the upper mountains.

I think Mid West Radio rely on dxers to advise them if there is a problem with 99.5 because there is so few listeners.


The shops that I have been in in the Mountains that have had a radio on have been tuned to Sydney fm stations, Smooth, WS etc.


That sounds very logical. I’m also guessing that 101.1 doesn’t have the same issues as 99.5, or at least it’s not as noticeable since it doesn’t play a lot of music.


Never heard an audio dampening issue on 2LT, however it does sound like it is at lower bit rate then 99.5, I could be wrong.


… current General Sales Manager, Simon Rub, has been promoted to fill the shoes.

Williams has led the Sunshine Coast stations for almost 17 years, dedicating himself to the business community and playing an active role in the region for the duration.