Reality Revivals

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This discussion has come up in a few different threads, thought i would start this thread to consolidate the discussion.

This year saw the return of Dancing With the Stars, Australia’s Got Talent, Changing Rooms, and The Amazing Race. Next year will see the return of Big Brother.

Which reality shows from the past could/should be revived? how long does a show need to be rested before a revival is warranted? or should shows from the past stay in the past?

a shortlist of titles I see thrown around are:
The Apprentice, So You Think You Can Dance, The Mole, Australian Idol, Beauty and the Geek, The Farmer Wants a Wife, The Biggest Loser, The X Factor, My Restaurant Rules, Instant Hotel.

The one that sticks out to me is The Apprentice. I know its been tried in many shapes and forms to little success in Australia. But there isn’t much on the landscape quite like it at the moment. And it is a format that can be stripable 2-3 nights a week. I would do a normal people version, not celebrity, but still get crazy, dysfunctional cast. Janine Allis could be a good lead.




I heard that Farmer Wants a Wife might be making a comeback…

I’d like to see Ten bring back Australian Idol.

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The Apprentice as a concept is poisoned until Trump is out of office in the US.

Maybe 10 years ago when Boost Juice and Salsa’s weren’t stale and kind of dated as they are now.

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