Ratings: World Cup Qualifier Socceroos V Peru

The World Cup qualifying game held at 4am AEST time yesterday attracted an average 5-city audience of 135,000 with the post game averaging 154,000. That put it 42nd and 46th in the rankings.

The game rated comparatively best in Brisbane where it was 34th and Sydney where it was 48th. Its game’s best demo result was in 16-39 where it was 22nd - 19th for the post game.

10 reported:

  • Reached 568,000 viewers nationally.
  • 213,000 national viewers at 4am.
  • #1 in its timeslot.
  • #1 in its timeslot in under 50s and all key demos.
  • 55.6% commercial share.
  • 76.4% commercial share in 16 to 39s, 70.2% in under 50s and 61.1% in 25 to 54s.
  • 36,000 live stream viewers on 10 Play.

Note - special report written to overcome OzTAM reporting restrictions.

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