Ratings: Today vs Sunrise ratings for first week of revamped Today Show.

Channel Nine’s Today show has shown a ratings rise in the first week of the show’s new look that included the return of Karl Stefanovic to the hosting chair.

However, it wasn’t enough to better the dominance of Seven’s Sunrise. Wednesday saw Today’s new team come within 16,000 of Sunrise in the 5-city metro markets but by the end of the week the margin had blown out to 97,000.

Sunrise was up 14% year-on-year for the week while Today was up 5%.

Sunrise was also ahead in key demographics

People 25-54: +14%
People 16-39: +21%
Grocery Buyers: +26%
Men 18-54: +26%
Women 18-54: +9%



Thanks for all the info TV.Cynic, especially for including the national data with the metro


Wish we’d drop the stupid 5 city metro ratings and just use nationals


Thanks for the analysis @TV.Cynic , very thorough. Did Sunrise win all 5 cities for the week too?


The team is too good-looking.

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Thanks for the info (and good to see a ratings article. Havent seen one in a while :stuck_out_tongue: )

Hard to compare last weekends ratings due to the bushfire crisis, but is good seeing Today improve on its ratings.

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Found this to be an interesting stat and one that would be good to track as the year goes on. It suggests that while Today’s ratings increased last week year-on-year, the improvement isn’t as big as the daily numbers suggested it would be

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Sunrise are KINGS, not even the return of Karl can save Today

Great input.

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[Citation needed]


I’ll just answer my own question. Sunrise won Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane in week 1 of the ratings. Minor win for Today in Sydney.

Additional analysis from TV Tonight:

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I know!! And channel 7 is the greatest invention since sliced bread!!!

Personally, I think it’s way too early to be saying whether Today’s new presenting lineup is a success or failure. As we should all know by now, viewer habits are often very different during the Summer non-ratings period than what they are between February and November.

Let’s see how things are in a few weeks time when most of the country is back at work/school, then in April after Daylight Saving has finished, then in July…

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