Ratings: Seven wins Tuesday as House Rules semifinal sees audience gains; Nine slips to third as 20 to One falls

Thanks to an extended semi-final episode of House Rules and a good result for news, the Seven Network was number one in Tuesday’s TV ratings as Ten took second place ahead of Nine.

House Rules posted just over one million viewers last night up from 865,000 the previous week but was beaten at 7.30 by MasterChef that was down slightly with an audience of 1.07 million.

Nine’s line up suffered against the competition with 20 to One losing 76,000 from last week’s premiere and Britain’s Got Talent shedding 127,000 week-on-week. Meanwhile Ten’s NCIS posted its best audience in more than twelve months.

Seven grabbed a 29.7% network share ahead of Ten on 24.7%, Nine with 23.0%, ABC’s 15.3% and SBS on 7.2%.

Seven News had a big win in the 6pm to 7pm hour with 1,236,000 and 1,139,000 tuning in while Home and Away saw an audience increase at 7pm to average 842,000 last night. House Rules that followed had 1,016,000 but Kiss Bang Love could only manage 383,000 despite the lead in. The afternoon’s The Chase had 733,000 and 475,000. On 7Flix, the movie The Help had 69,000 while Once Upon a Time had 56,000 fans and The Mindy Project 33,000.

MasterChef topped the night for Ten with 1,069,000 and was the number one program across the younger demographics. NCIS recorded 720,000 with NCIS Los Angeles a timeslot winner with 546,000 making a rare top twenty appearance. Earlier, Ten Eyewitness News posted its best result since August 2015 while Family Feud had 607,000 and The Project 694,000 and 494,000. A late repeat of NCIS LA had 283,000.

Meanwhile, Nine News (1,087,000 and 1,052,000) and A Current Affair (930,000) got Nine off to a good start. 20 to One saw 645,000 tune in for its second episode while Britain’s Got Talent that followed had 624,000. The afternoon’s Hot Seat averaged 632,000 while later 2 Broke Girls had 297,000 and 181,000. The Bachelorette had 87,000 on 9Life.

ABC News made the top ten with 816,000 but the rest of the night disappointed with 7.30 (630,000) and Catalyst (502,000) the only other top twenty entries for the public broadcaster. Observation series Revolution School slipped for its second instalment to 450,000 while Foreign Correspondent had 345,000 and The Book Club just 181,000. In soccer, the Women’s International Australia v New Zealand drew an audience of 110,000 in the afternoon.

Over on SBS, Great Continental Railway Journeys (355,000) and Insight (261,000) delivered the network’s best results.

In the morning, Today was the favourite breakfast program with 343,000 ahead of Sunrise on 309,000 and ABC News Breakfast with 135,000 and 45,000. Later, The Morning Show on Seven had 170,000, Nine’s Today Extra had 145,000 while Studio 10 was watched by 93,000.

See [Tuesday 7June 2016] (Tuesday 7 June 2016) for a more detailed look at the ratings numbers in the Media Spy forums.

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