Ratings: Seven Summer report 2022-23

Seven’s record growth in 2023

#1 in growth – biggest growth since 2005 #1 in summer and 2023 calendar year

#1 in news, drama, breakfast

7plus: Up 22%, 1.11 billion minutes streamed

With the start of the official OzTAM 2023 survey year just four days away, the Seven Network today announced big audience growth nationally and across the capital cities during the 2022- 23 summer and so far in calendar 2023.

An unbeatable content line-up including 7NEWS, Sunrise, Home and Away, The Chase Australia, Better Homes and Gardens, Test cricket, BBL and Australian Idol saw Seven increase its commercial audience share in 2023 by 3.8 percentage points year-on-year to 40.5% nationally.

In the capital cities, Seven grew its total people commercial audience share in 2023 by 3.3 percentage points year-on-year to 37.6%, securing its best calendar year start since 2018.

The strong start to the year sees Seven as the only network growing and represents Seven’s biggest start of the year increase in audience shares across the capital cities since 2005.

Seven is also the only network growing in key demographics nationally and in the capital cities in 2023, increasing its people 25 to 54 audience year-on-year by 3.8 percentage points to 36.4%, and its share among 16 to 39s by 1.6 points to 34.3%.

Nationally, Seven is #1 so far in 2023 in total people with a 40.5% commercial audience share, up 3.8 percentage points year-on-year.

2023 calendar year to-date

Capital city commercial audience shares (%):

Network Year Total people 25 to 54s 16 to 39s
2022 36.7 32.6 32.7
Seven Network 2023 40.5 36.4 34.3
Year-on-year change +3.8 +3.8 +1.6
2022 40.7 40.4 42.0
Nine Network 2023 38.6 38.4 41.1
Year-on-year change -2.1 -2.0 -0.9
2022 22.6 27.0 25.2
Network 10 2023 21.0 25.2 24.6
Year-on-year change -1.7 -1.8 -0.7

2023 calendar year to-date

Capital city commercial audience shares (%):

Network Year Total people 25 to 54s 16 to 39s
2022 34.3 30.1 30.7
Seven Network 2023 37.6 33.0 32.2
Year-on-year change +4.6 +4.3 +2.6

Measured to-date across the OzTAM summer period (which started 27 November), Seven was #1 nationally with a 40.9% commercial audience share and again was the only network to grow its total people and 25 to 54 audience year-on-year.

Seven’s strong performance in 2023 has been matched by 7plus, which so far in 2023 has streamed 1.11 billion minutes and grown its audience 22% year-on-year.

In the month of January 2023, 7plus was the fastest growing commercial BVOD service, growing 36% year-on-year in minutes streamed – 10 times more than its nearest competitor.

In 2023 so far, 7NEWS at 6.00pm has an average national audience of 1.31 million nationally, ahead of the nearest competition by 45%.

Sunrise has averaged 362,000 viewers nationally, ahead of the nearest competition by 41%

Seven’s Chief Content Officer, Entertainment Programming, Angus Ross, said: “Whether you measure it across the summer or 2023 so far, Seven is the #1 total TV network in Australia and the only network growing its commercial audience shares across total people and all key demographics.

“After delivering unrivalled audiences in 2022 to win the survey year both nationally and in the capital cities, Seven has once again shown consistent leadership, proving that no other network can match our unbeatable news, sport, drama and entertainment line-up.

“This year is shaping up to be one of our biggest years yet, with massive new shows, the launch of 7Bravo and NBCUniversal content on 7plus, sport that grips the nation, and popular news content that will deliver huge audiences across all screens,” he said.

Seven West Media Chief Revenue Officer, Kurt Burnette: “So far this year we’ve delivered unmatchable growth for our clients with content that grips audiences right across Australia.

We’re having our biggest start to the calendar year in total people since 2018 and our biggest in 25 to 54s since 2019.

“In 2023, we are primed to deliver a full 52 weeks of news, sport and unmissable entertainment programs that audiences know and love – all to deliver consistently strong total TV numbers and growth that creates certainty for our commercial partners in an uncertain market,” he said.

“Whether its capital city viewers, regional audiences or digital streamers, Seven has the biggest total TV audience available to advertisers and we’re excited to deliver some incredible results together in 2023.”

Source: OzTAM (Metro, National BVOD), RegionalTAM (Comb. Agg Markets). National (metro + Regional) and Metro Primetime 1800-2400 Network Commercial Shares, Seven v Nine v 10. Calendar year refers to Jan 1 to Feb 6 vs the same calendar days last year. Summer YTD refers to Week 49 2022 to week 6 (Mon/Tue Only) vs same weeks of 2021-2022. Data: Cons 7 (last 7 days Overnight)


I think they did a typo with their first table which if you read the text/paragraphs that actually represents national and conveniently have excluded Nine from the actual capital city table below. I’m guessing Nine will send out one once summer period ends, in their favour, as well.

If you look at TV Cynic’s weekly reports (which have been showing “summer to date” shares), they paint a totally different picture to what Seven just spun.

The games have already begun!