Ratings: Seven Network audience report 2022

The Seven Network has finished the official 2022 ratings survey year as the undisputed #1 total TV network across Australia, ranking #1 nationally and across the capital cities.

Seven is the most-watched network in total people and 16 to 39s nationally in both the 2022 OzTAM television ratings survey year and in the 2022 calendar year to-date. In 25 to 54s, Seven is just 0.2 share points, or 2,000 viewers, away from being #1 nationally.

In the capital cities, the Seven Network is #1 in total people in the survey year and has grown its audience shares in total people, 25 to 54s and 16 to 39s during 2022.

By the end of this week, Seven will have won 29 survey weeks nationally, demonstrating the network’s consistent leadership across the year. In the capital cities, Seven is on track to win 21 of the 40 survey weeks.

Seven also dominates all key audience demographics in regional markets, ranking #1 in total people, 25 to 54s and 16 to 39s.

Seven’s success on television has been matched by the continued strong performance of 7plus, which has streamed 10.6 billion minutes and increased its audience 16% year-on-year in BVOD and 41% in live streaming.

Seven in 2022:

  • #1 in prime time in total people nationally

  • #1 in prime time in total people across the capital cities

  • #1 in prime time nationally in 16 to 39s

  • #1 in regional markets in total people, 25 to 54s and 16 to 39s

  • #1 multichannel in total people – 7two

  • #1 multichannel in 25 to 54s and 16 to 39s – 7mate

  • #1 multichannel group – 7mate, 7two, 7flix

Seven has the #1 shows in Australia:

  • #1 winter sport – AFL

  • #1 news program – 7NEWS

  • #1 Australian drama – Home and Away

  • #1 lifestyle show – Better Homes and Gardens

  • #1 daily game show – The Chase Australia

  • #1 breakfast show – Sunrise

  • #1 morning show – The Morning Show

“Seven has once again shown consistent leadership across the year, winning 29 out of 40 weeks nationally, and 21 weeks in the capital cities – more than any of our competitors.

“We are also #1 nationally in the key younger 16 to 39 demo and less than half a point from #1 in 25 to 54s. We are #1 in total people and in all key demos among regional markets.

“Seven has now won 14 of the past 16 years and our continued leadership and momentum in 2022 has proved that no other network has the unique and powerful mix of sport that grips the nation, the biggest entertainment shows and hugely popular news content that brings Australia together,” he said.

“7plus has also delivered outstanding audience numbers, streaming more than 10.6 billion minutes of content so far this year. The platform reaches over four million active and consented users a month and in 2022, it increased its total live and on-demand streaming by 16% year-on-year.

“With COVID no longer impacting our schedule, we can finally deliver the massive new shows we’ve been promising, including Australian Idol, Million Dollar Island and all our returning hit shows. Coupled with our investments in the AFL and must-watch content from our new agreement with NBCUniversal, we are building and will only get stronger in total television. We’ve taken the ratings crown in 2022 with one less multichannel than the competition, so with the addition of 7Bravo to our family of channels on 15 January next year, 2023 is set for growth,” Mr Warburton said.

Seven’s Chief Content Officer, Entertainment Programming, Angus Ross, said: “Our successful schedule in 2022 has created momentum that will continue into next year with an unbeatable content line-up of the best news, sport, drama, entertainment and special events that will inform, engage and entertain the nation.

“The powerful line-up coming to Seven and 7plus in 2023 includes the new shows Australian Idol, Million Dollar Island, Blow Up, The Claremont Murders, The 1% Club, We Interrupt This Broadcast, the TV WEEK Logie Awards and the highly anticipated FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023™.

“The new shows for 2023 will join an unmatchable content schedule that already stars Australia’s #1 sport in the AFL, 7NEWS, Sunrise, 7NEWS Spotlight, Home and Away, The Chase Australia, The Voice, Farmer Wants A Wife, RFDS, SAS Australia, My Kitchen Rules, Big Brother, horse racing, cricket, Supercars and much, much more,” he said.

“On 15 January 2023, we will also reveal the most exciting new channel launched in Australia in years, 7Bravo, bringing the very best of NBCUniversal’s extraordinary reality and true crime content to all Australians, live and free. The arrival of 7Bravo means that our dominant line-up of multichannels will become even stronger.”

Seven Chief Revenue Officer, Kurt Burnette, said: “We have a clear strategy for continued growth in content, audience and technology. With that in mind Seven has been building for something special over the course of 2022 into 2023 and beyond.

“This year was a winning year for Seven as the most-watched network. Our content and innovation plans for 2023 are electric. They include five new massive tentpole programs, new cultural sporting events to stop the nation, a brand new linear and live streamed channel with thousands of hours of new BVOD content, and 7NEWS leading nationwide. They will all help to create growth for partners in a trusted, easy and brand safe way.

“While our streaming numbers continue to soar and offer enormous opportunity for advertisers, it will be the combination with the powerful linear TV audience in a converged approach that will play a key part in advertiser success. Total TV is still unquestionably the most powerful way to reach Australians at scale and with Seven it will only get bigger next year,” he said.


Seven have again jumped the gun with their ratings report, with “finished the official 2022 ratings survey year” premature as the survey doesn’t end until Saturday. Seems strange not to wait until then to release the numbers.

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I didn’t think Seven did very well this year or maybe it is the usual hyperbole from their PR department. I am sure Nine will counter attack this report with their spin.

Generally, there’s really no consistency in how all networks report their year-end performance. There’s always some ‘inclusions’ and ‘exclusions’.

Winter Olympics and Commonwealth Games assisted.