Ratings NRL Grand Final 2019

Last night’s NRL grand final between the Sydney Roosters and Canberra Raiders had a national average audience of 2.641 million with 1.866 million metro (5-city) viewers and 775,000 regional. That helped deliver Nine a network share of 46.4% and a comprehensive overnight victory.

The audience, was however, down on recent years.
2018 - 2.133 million
2017 - 2.325 million
2016 - 2.647 million
2015 - 2.438 million
2014 - 2.597 million

Nine’s best result were Sydney where 832,000 tuned in for a 65.4% network share and Brisbane with 534,000 watching for a 57.2% share. Nine also won Melbourne with 33.7% and Adelaide with 29.4%. Nine’s 27.2% share in Perth was second to Seven’s 33.5%.

In the key demo groups Nine had a 53% share of 25-54 year old viewers and 62.7% of 16-39 year olds.

Regionally, Nine affiliates secured a 43.8% share.

Last night was Nine’s third best share of the year after The Australian Open final and the first State of Origin.

More results: Sunday 6 October 2019


So for anyone keeping tabs, the AFL Grand Final is the number one program 5-cities so far this year while the first State of Origin is the number one show nationally (metro + regional).


But outside of prime time ratings. 9 has the top 3 sports events with NRLGF, Aus Open and SOO.

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Nine said yesterday’s GF was streamed 413,000 times, an increase of 113 per cent in comparison to 2018. It will be interesting to see the actual live VPM ratings.

I didn’t think the NRL GF ratings would be this bad !

Beaten by the AFL, ouch !

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AFL is more popular than NRL.

More paid up members, more hours watched, more people attending games. There’s a reason why the AFL has the higher broadcast deal $$$$$