Ratings: News ratings for 2017

The 2017 news rating contest was already over mid year when measured by week’s won. By the 21st week of ratings, Nine in Sydney and Melbourne and Seven in Adelaide and Perth has won 21 weeks out of a possible 40; one week later Seven had won 21 weeks nationally and the following week Nine Brisbane notched up its 21 weekly win.

Overall, Seven had 51% of the 6pm news audience nationally with 976,000 watching compared to 941,000 for Nine’s hour of news*. This represented a six percent decrease in the number watching Seven’s bulletin compared to last year’s survey and corresponded to a three percent drop for Nine nationally.

However, Nine News was still the top bulletin across the east coast. Nine Brisbane was the year’s stand out performer delivering an impressive 7% increases for the Monday to Friday bulletin. This corresponded to Nine in Brisbane’s 2017 network share improving by 3.4 percentage points from 2016, the best result of any market.

Meanwhile, Seven saw its Melbourne audience drop 14% from 2016 though Nine also shed 6%.

Average Audience

Mon-Fri 5 cities Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Adelaide Perth
Seven 976,000 242,000 276,000 182,000 111,000 165,000
Nine 941,000 271,000 320,000 200,000 77,000 72,000
Sat 5 cities Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Adelaide Perth
Seven 825,000 181,000 251,000 161,000 98,000 134,000
Nine 775,000 217,000 272,000 148,000 73,000 65,000
Sun 5 cities Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Adelaide Perth
Seven 1,114,000 256,000 318,000 222,000 127,000 191,000
Nine 1,094,000 337,000 354,000 222,000 94,000 86,000

Percentage change from 2016


Table showing Seven, Nine, Ten and ABC Mon-Fri bulletins anch change from 2016 ratings period.

2017 Ntwk Mon - Fri :arrow_up_down:
5 cities Seven 976,000 -6%
Nine 941,000 -3%
Ten 465,000 -5%
ABC 699,000 -9%
Sydney Seven 242,000 -6%
Nine 271,000 -4%
Ten 121,000 1%
ABC 189,000 -11%
Melbourne Seven 276,000 -13%
Nine 320,000 -7%
Ten 127,000 -5%
ABC 224,000 -7%
Brisbane Seven 182,000 -1%
Nine 200,000 7%
Ten 86,000 -4%
ABC 111,000 -12%
Adelaide Seven 111,000 -3%
Nine 77,000 -4%
Ten 57,000 -10%
ABC 75,000 -17%
Perth Seven 165,000 1%
Nine 72,000 3%
Ten 74,000 -12%
ABC 99,000 -2%

*Note: Seven’s 6-7pm hour in Adelaide and Perth consists of Seven News plus Today Tonight.
Numbers are overnight - there may be small adjustments due to consolidated.

Data © OzTAM Pty Limited 2017. The Data may not be reproduced, published or communicated (electronically or in hard copy) in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of OzTAM. “Overnight” figures include “Live” (programs broadcast during the 2am-2am broadcast day) and “As Live” (programs recorded and then watched within the same broadcast day). “Consolidated” figures include Live, As Live and “Time Shift” (programs recorded and then watched within seven days of the initial broadcast).


I’ll add a table with Ten and ABC later


Ten and ABC added


On a day where Nine axe their presenters there :thinking:

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There’s something about Peter Mitchell that just does not work.

In contrast to 2009 or thereabouts, how well did Seven News Melbourne rate then?

3% is around 2,000 viewers. Not exactly a huge increase when Nine is over 90,000 behind.

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From a journalistic point of view, it’s a bit disheartening to hear that ABC News had the highest decrease in viewers of all networks with double digit declines in Sydney, Brisbane & Adelaide.

Fergo has had four years in the main chair at Seven News Sydney, around the same amount of time Nine gave him before moving on to Peter Overton. With disappointing results for much of this year, maybe Seven Sydney needs to seriously consider “Ushering in” (see what I did there? :wink:) a new lead newsreader for 2018…

…and when Nine News rates is the least watched local evening news bulletin in Perth!


How many times do you want to use the Ushering in joke? :thinking::stuck_out_tongue:


ABC should have been able to gain viewers especially with more people finishing work late and spending a lot of time travelling home, thus missing the 6pm bulletins. Has ABC get the news mix right? Should some reports have been reserved exclusively for ABC News channel and not main channel bulletins?


If I see this one more time :man_facepalming:t2: