Ratings: Network 10 First Half 2021 Audience Report. Weeks 1 to 26, 2021

Network 10 Continues Its Dominance As The Youngest Free-To-Air Network.

  • Network 10 continues its dominance as the youngest free-to-air network.

  • Network 10 has more of the top programs – five out of the top 10 - in key demographics.

  • Network 10 is home to commercial television’s biggest regular 8.30pm program.

  • Network 10 has the #1 multi-channels in key demographics.

  • Network 10’s audience is younger and richer in key demographics with an average viewer age five years younger than its competitors.

  • Oprah With Meghan And Harry is the #1 non-sport program of 2021.

  • 10 Play is enjoying its biggest year ever.

Network 10 has continued its dominance as the youngest free-to-air network, with an average viewer age five years younger than its competitors. 57% of 10’s audience are under 55.

Network 10’s prime-time commercial shares have grown significantly in the last two years and as at June 27, 2021 were:

Under 50s 29.2%
25 to 54s 29.6%
16 to 39s 30.2%

With over 57% of 10’s audience under 55 and an audience five years younger than that of its commercial competitors, it has more of the top programs in key demographics, boasting five of the top 10 programs in 25 to 54s and 16 to 39s.

This dominance in the key demographics in the first half of 2021 is testament to the strong performances across 10’s prime time schedule including:

  • I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! dominated summer. It was the #1 show, with a national total audience of 1.17 million tuning in. Celebrating its highest ever commercial shares, with a massive 41% commercial share in under 50s, I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! won its timeslot every single night. It also enjoyed its biggest ever 7 Day BVOD audience, up 5% and biggest ever live stream audience, up 177%.

  • Gogglebox Australia was #1 in its timeslot, with a national total audience of more than 920,000 tuning in to see their favourite couch critics. Enjoying its biggest ever BVOD audience, up 23%, Gogglebox Australia was commercial television’s second biggest regular 8.30pm program.

  • The Amazing Race Australia was #2 in its timeslot in total people with a national total audience of 848,000. It also profited from its biggest ever BVOD audience, up 16%.

  • Oprah With Meghan And Harry remains the #1 non-sport program of 2021 boasting a national total audience of 2.36 million. #1 in its timeslot in total people, it was 10’s biggest prime time special audience since 2011. Plus, it was crowned the biggest ever program on 10 Play with 341,000 viewers.

  • Have You Been Paying Attention? still has audiences paying attention with a national total audience of 1.12 million. #1 in its timeslot in total people, Have You Been Paying Attention? is commercial television’s biggest regular 8.30pm program. It’s also delighting in its biggest ever 7 Day BVOD audience, up 91%, as well as its biggest ever live stream audience, up 27%.

  • MasterChef Australia is currently cooking up a national total audience of 892,000. #1 in its timeslot in 16 to 39s and #2 in total people, under 50s and 25 to 54s, MasterChef Australia is also enjoying its biggest ever live stream audience, up 14%.

Network 10 also boasts the #1 multi-channel group in under 50s, 25 to 54s and 16 to 39s. 10 Bold remains the #1 commercial multi-channel in total people, while 10 Peach remains the #1 commercial multi-channel in its target market of 16 to 39s.

And the newest member of the family – 10 Shake – is up 15% in prime time, up 31% in day time and is the #1 commercial multi-channel in 0 to 12s in day time.

Daniel Monaghan, SVP Content and Programming, 10 ViacomCBS, said: “Our continued success as the youngest network was cemented in week one of 2021 thanks to the unbridled success of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! . It reiterated that the landscape of summer viewing has changed forever. It was the #1 summer entertainment television event.

“This success and momentum continued with Gogglebox Australia , The Amazing Race Australia and Have You Been Paying Attention? , all of which dominated in our key demographics and experienced phenomenal growth on 10 Play.

“And of course, who could forget the extraordinary success of Oprah With Meghan And Harry which reigns as the #1 non-sport program of 2021 with an audience of 2.36 million. It was also crowned the biggest ever program on 10 Play with an enormous 341,000 viewers.

“MasterChef Australia continues to cook up a storm in the kitchen with only a few more weeks until we find out who takes home the illustrious title of Australia’s best MasterChef.

“Our continued focus on the under 50s and key age groups is also reaping benefits with 10 securing five of the top 10

shows in 25 to 54s and 16 to 39s so far this year – more than any other network.

“We have seen some incredible competition in this first half across the commercial free-to-air television networks, which is great news for the overall television landscape. The competition is set to heat up when we launch some fantastic new shows which will only strengthen our under 50s programming and boost our network share.”

10’s established suite of shows are engaging, innovative and noisy. And, there is still plenty more premium content to come in 2021 including, Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn , The Bachelor Australia , The Bachelorette Australia , The Masked Singer , Making It , The Dog House Australia , Mirror, Mirror with Todd Sampson , Celebrity MasterChef , plus all the live event sport, Formula 1® Australian Grand Prix, MotoGP Championship, 2021 Melbourne Cup Carnival and A-League, Westfield W-League, Socceroos, Matildas and FFA Cup matches.

Daniel said: “The second half of 2021 affords us brand new shows including Making It , The Dog House Australia and Mirror, Mirror with Todd Sampson , not to mention all the live football matches. Plus, we have the long awaited and highly anticipated return of Australian Survivor joining our super brands The Bachelor Australia and The Bachelorette Australia .”

Network 10’s digital audiences are also surging this year with 10 Play having its biggest year ever, up 7% year-on-year. This growth can be attributed to additional exclusive content being added to the platform, but also record BVOD audiences for 10 shows.

Daniel added: “The success of our shows this year meant strong digital audience on our digital platforms too, with 10 Play recording its biggest year so far. The great thing about this result is that it also reflected the additional investment in exclusive content we have made on the platform. We will continue to look for opportunities to boost our digital proposition for audiences.”

Lisa Squillace, National Sales Director, 10 ViacomCBS, said: “We are undeniably the youngest free-to-air network. Our audiences are not those of our competitors with more than 57% of our audience under 55 and our average viewer age five years younger.

“The success of our programming and our dominance as the youngest network has also been reflected in our revenue. Since November 2020, Network 10 has seen seven consecutive months of year-on-year revenue share growth and 18 of the last 19 months have seen year-on-year revenue share growth.

“We are continuing to deliver consistent, brand-safe, seamless, premium and inimitable integrations for advertisers across all our platforms. We have welcomed a record number of sponsors to all our prime time shows this year and we have mobilised our fans to act on these messages.

“In addition, we are supercharging the opportunities available for advertisers with Effect, a premium, integrated marketing solutions business, as well as our Premium Pause product on 10 Play, a non-intrusive, high impact way for brands to integrate online.”

Some of Network 10’s first half 2021 highlights include:

10 dominates the demos:

  • Five of the top 10 shows in 25 to 54s and 16 to 39s – more than any other commercial network.

  • These shows include I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, Gogglebox Australia, The Amazing Race Australia, Have You Been Paying Attention? and MasterChef Australia.

Multi-channels dominate the demos:

  • The #1 multi-channel group in under 50s, 25 to 54s and 16 to 39s.

  • 10 Bold #1 in total people.

  • 10 Peach #1 in 16 to 39s.

  • 10 Shake #1 in 0 to 12s in day time.

10 Play’s biggest year ever:

  • Total minutes viewed up 7% compared to the same point of 2020.

  • Live streamed minutes viewed up 35% compared to the same point of 2020.

10’s shows get people talking:

  • I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! reached more than 26.6 million people on Facebook, 20 million people on Instagram, trended every single night of broadcast and launched its own TikTok which received 700,000 likes.

  • The Amazing Race Australia Facebook page boasted massive growth enjoying a reach of 17 million people, up 486% on the previous seasons. The Amazing Race Australia had more than 5.4 million engagements.

  • MasterChef Australia Facebook page reached more than 94.5 million people, with more than 270 million minutes of video content viewed this year.

  • Channel 10 Facebook page has reached 21.7 million people, with more than 7 million engagements. Plus, more than 26 million minutes of content has been watched this year.

10 Speaks turns up the volume:

  • Premiered two new podcasts in 2021.

  • These were Making Money Easy with 10 News First Senior Finance reporter Gillian Bowen and a new six-part series of Hammer It Home with Barry Du Bois.

  • 10 News First Person premiered a new series - Women of the House .

  • The Professor And The Hack continued to have strong listenership and just released its 100th episode.

Source:* *OzTAM, 5 City Metro, Regional TAM, Combined Aggregate Markets, OzTAM National VPM. Week 1-26, Consolidated 7 (excl. Week 26 2021 which is Overnight), 6pm to 10.30pm, National STV (6am-7pm). Age profile and average age based on primary channels. Program ranking based on minimum 3 episodes, excluding sport, Weeks 1 to Thursday of Week 25 2021, 6pm to midnight, primary channels. National total audience includes 7 Day TV (Metro + Regional), 7 Day BVOD and Live Stream. Social analytics: Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok. 10 Shake growth Week 1-26 2021 vs. Week 40-52 2020.

Is this mob serious?? They have one 8:30 show and that’s it. They produce hardly any content for that time slot. These people running this network have no idea. At the very minimum they should produce two show per night for post 7:30 all year round. Given they don’t spend on news they might as well use the money to extend prime time.

It’s good this is still going but they never promote it.

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They’re very lucky that HYBPA and Gogglebox outperforms the competition regularly but it’s absolutely laughable that they think that they’re leading the post-8.30 slots overall when they have American crap filling most of it.

So much for their focus on primetime budget. Looks like they spent all their money on their 7.30 reality shows (+ The Project, HYBPA, Gogglebox and How to Stay Married) and ran out for everything else.


At the start of the year, I’m a Celebirty Get Me Out of Here did very well during January. I think Channel 10 should be very happy with the ratings so far with I’m a Celebrity show over the summer ratings period.
Oprah with Meghan and Harry did pretty well in ratings and was Number 1 non-sport program. It overtook the 2021 AUstralian Open Men’s Final.
Have You Been Paying Attention continued to dominate well on Monday in it’s 8:30pm timeslot.
Masterchef Australia was down from last year, but still able to dominate in the young demographics.

I think Channel 10 will have a good 2nd half with the return of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, The masked singer, AUs Survivor: Brains v Brawn, Celebrity Masterchef. The A-League Soccer will have a new home on Channel 10 and this will provide a boost in ratings on Saturday Nights.

I’m struggling to think of many successful 8.30 shows on Seven and Nine that 10 should emulate.

For Nine, Under Investigation could be one success story but a very short run and only intermittently. Amazing Grace was ok very early on but faded. Otherwise, Nine’s most successful 8.30 show was Botched.

Seven’s schedule seems to be filled with US dramas and repeats of movies. I can’t find anything outside of Front Bar that is competitive in 25-54.

Otherwise the only regular 8.30pm programs in the 25-54 top 20 are Gogglebox and HYBPA.

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I see your point but 7 and 9 can rely on news and current affairs to boost their numbers. 10 aren’t interested in news to pad out the schedule because they claim they spend their money on prime time. There’s no evidence of that. Delusional morons.

I guess they can point to Gogglebox and HYBPA (and later this year Dog House). Would be nice to see them produce some of their excellent factuals like Ambulance (no reason why it couldn’t be produced considering Paramedics and Emergency on Nine can be under pandemic conditions).

No mention of The Project or 10 News First, surely they could find something to crow about there?

I thought Project was a big money maker for them, hitting all the right demos…

Edit: No mention of Neighbours either, couldn’t find 1 positive thing to say about it? #1 nightly multi-channel drama or something like that? First run content etc etc.

Am I the only one who giggled at this? Surely they can’t be serious.

But, massive massive congrats for this:

And it wasn’t made clear, but not only do 10 have the No. 1 m/c, combined m/c in key demos and m/c in 16-39s in Peach, but I believe Bold is also winning m/c 25-54s (tied with 7mate according to Seven’s own release).

Considering Bold don’t have expensive major live sport to help drive their shares, the enormous success of NCIS reruns and the rest is unbelievable!

Isn’t shake a kids channel during daytime? So if it’s hitting that mark as being number 1 in commercial. Given ABC kids would be first place overall in that demo. They must be able to monetize being the number 1 commercial channel in under 12s. Their prime time is a schamozzle.


I did just give 10 a big wrap with the second part of my comment, but I just found that very specific metric (which they mentioned more than once) hilarious. Can’t imagine Seven or Nine highlighting 0 - 12s or whatever!

In fact, I recall TVB in a podcast spending 15min talking about 10 talking up Shake with bizarre data, considering its almost non-existant total people share.

And I think they were questioning 10’s claim’s in their latest podcast too, about “Under 50s” (which you’ll notice Nine are also claim today).

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Hahah 10 have nothing else to crow about other than their under 12 audience.


Just saw the 10 play audience on the nine post and 10s level of patheticness even exists with their online offering. 9Now dominates in that space.

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Practically no difference between 16-39 / 25-54 / <50 anymore. Remember when they were the undisputed 16-39 network? :grimacing:


Nice to see a network executive say this - both viewers and the networks benefit when the ratings battle is a close one