Random TV History

Networks these days are using part programs. Example include Seven with NBC Today segments, Nine with Explore segments and Ten with Everyday Gourmet and other cooking show segments.


Yeah, a three stooges thing would take a lot more than a few minutes!

I miss Different Strokes and such during the lunch break in stereotypical smokers’ cough Benson and Hedges Test Cricket.

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QTQ would use Happy Days in the 80’s if the cricket finished early or if was shorter, Warner Bros. cartoons.


I remember this was used quite frequently on the ABC

not related to Australian TV, but in the late 1990s and 2000s, there was an arrangement on VTV3 in that extra series would be broadcast after midnight (which was their usual closedown time) if the channel had to broadcast soccer events during overnight timeslots (this is to avoid technicians had to switch off then switch on the feed continuously and simplifying the process. As such, during the soccer seasons of the year, VTV3 would de facto extended timeslot.

During 1998 World Cup (and possibly 1996 Euro), there were proposals to broadcast VFC-produced series between two matches to fill the airtime rather than closedown. As many Vietnamese were staying up late to enjoy the soccer, they chose to broadcast comedic serials (actually, made-for-TV movies) to prevent viewers from sleeping, as the funny and happiness side of the series would entice viewers to keep watching. A few movies produced at that time would gain sort-of cult status because of this, example includes “Chuyện nhà mộc”, since the movies were dealing with pressure of “graduation exams”, which, coincidentally, happened at around the same month as the WC98.

During 2000s (and possibly continued as late as mid-2011), VTV3 would often run music videos during soccer half-time periods, since the so-called “halftime commentary” programming were rarely exist at that time. During that part, music videos from “Bài hát tôi yêu” (a sort-of Vietnamese “Video Hits”, but very short-lived, only ran for two years) were often broadcast repeatedly until return to 2nd half. This practice was believed to be ended after the end of 2010-11 season because beginning from 2011-12, VTV would add a “halftime commentary” program (VTV would stop carrying Champions League overnight in May 2017, after its sibling VTVCab was stripped from carrying ít because its signal we’re repeatedly pirated)

For a few years after VTV3 switched to 24-hour format in September 2006, there were rumors that channel would often carry music videos during overnight (between two programs) because when the programs were repeated overnight, all commercial break parts were edited out, leaving a really big hole in timing for VTV3. The music that were broadcast during that slots were also sourced from Bài hát tôi yêu as well. One comment on YouTube even said that music videos were often broadcast prior to 6am (when VTV3 entered a new broadcast day). Also, until 2010s, filler videos about arts and landscape often dominates the continuity of VTV channels during daytime, and also for VTV2 for most of the time (since in those aforementioned situations, advertisement was, and still is, hard to sell because most of the active population are either working or in the school until late afternoon). In recent years, however, promo loops and segments from “VTV Connects” are used as filler in any aforementioned cases or during technical difficulties instead.


List of stations carrying Hey Hey in 1985



I’m assuming it wasn’t shown in WA, SA, NT, TAS?

Not until 1987, according to the book Hey Hey It’s Saturday Volume III (1988)

In Canberra I believe it didn’t appear until aggregation and WIN’s arrival there in 1989.


NEN0 Moonbi? I was always under the impression that it was Tamworth and not Moonbi.


Quite a few typos in that list


I can understand STW & NTD not initially carrying the program due to limited microwave links with the eastern states. Things would have changed in the coming years with Aussat making live programming readily available to the affiliates and regional stations.


Sure was. There was a period when Seven used Tom and Jerry as 10-minute filler. Sometimes it was listed in tv guides.