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and to you too! Hope the journey becomes smoother but the trying to appear fine for everyone else certainly resonates. That was one of the things forcing me to seek advice - it was getting harder and harder to hide without having a meltdown which in public at nearly 40 years of age is quite embarrassing.


Fortunately for me I was aware of my problem when I was very young ,so I didn’t head into adulthood wondering why I was odd and different ,why I felt like I never fitted in ,firstly at school then later on at work.
Yes I’ve had plenty of meltdowns in my time also :confused:I wish I wasn’t the way I am sometimes ,if I wasnt ,ie:if I was ‘normal’ I would have had better jobs that paid well ,instead of only been able to work in manufacturing .I still can’t believe I lasted as long in the workforce as I did.


Guess who is going to see TayTay on Saturday Night.

Finally were able to purchase four tickets at 2pm today and even though it’s restricted view tickets, it’s to say that I’ve seen her live.

I like her so I can justify paying $65 each but don’t like her that much to justify the few hundred-thousand for non restricted viewing.


Gosh. We tried to get tickets in the original release but honestly with all the hype and the crowds that are going to be there, I’m kinda glad I’m not going. Might rent the tour and watch at home :wink:. enjoy though.


7.5 hours until TayTay lands in Melbourne!


She certainly gets around…

She was in Tokyo last weekend, then in Las Vegas for the Superbowl on Monday, and tonight… HERE in Oz!


How much was a pre-record or a “The Eagle Has Landed”-style double? :wink:

I don’t think Tay Tay would risk her multi million dollar empire by pulling a stunt like that.

Too many ‘eagle eyes’ around that could spot it.

I was being facetious.

Join the club.

I’m in your boat but still forked out about 200 bucks for D reserves. Just me being FOMO :rofl:

I lose track of her many boyfriends she’s had ,I didn’t realise her newest one is a football player,until I saw pics of her at the Superbowl

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Hey at least she isn’t a female DiCaprio. Most men aren’t a DiCaprio.

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She needs one so she can write the next brake up song. :rofl: :joy:

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The restricted view seat of TayTays MCG #2 show.

Tbh it’s a bit emotional seeing the G’ like this and especially last night playing in front of her biggest crowd of 96,000 of her career.

An amazing stadium.


Thia week has been horrible but the sad case of the Victorian mother that went missing on a jog three weeks ago and possibly now looking at foul play, saddens me.

Why do humans do this ?
Then this week the horrible murders of Jessie Baird and his boyfriend by an ex lover cop makes me question a lot of things including the Police force and the receuitment process ,especially the psychological aspect. Maybe it is because I turning 40 and questioning a lot of things ans being an older gay men, I fear and mistrust the police. I can only imagine how much friends, family ans colleagues at Qantas and Network 10 are feeling right now.

I think for my own sanity i need to stay away from these cases and let myself not just get so much tangled up with what ifs.

Thank god I have a counselling next week.

How is everyone else doing ?


Got my wisdom teeth out (36 turning 37 this year) last Tuesday under local anaesthetic. Top two came out fast but the bottom ones…

One he said to leave as it is too risky and close to a nerve and as under the gum completely not likely to cause a problem

The other was partially showing and he had to cut it out and drill it .

Drill was annoying more than “scary” . Felt some pressure. Got a heap of stitches.

Ate soup for a week but could eat normally i think after about 3 days . Didn’t swell up … although it did go red around the area for 2 days in my mouth. Stitches are still there today Day 8 . They look stained from being bloody (brown ) .

Pain was minimal just a slight ache that went away for a few days but then came back yesterday and the day before but seems fine today . Goes away with Paracetamol or Ibuproften.

Oh yeah it took 3 and a bit days for the blood to stop oozing and tasting blood. Woke up 2 nights with a bit of blood on the pillow (good thing i put a towel down).

Cost me $1147 but with NIB Extras i only paid $487 which was good. All done in an hour.

I am rinsing (tip head side to side) with Curasept 2 times a day for 10 days.

I said it was quick guess my bone is not that hard ? Guess I’m still "young " for getting it out … though not a teenager.

Damn it is expensive going to the dentist if you paid full price for that and the last visit i had a checkup , clean , xrays and opg looking at about $1700 . No wonder people cannot afford the dentist.

NIB Extras is only $15 a fortnight but is good value.


I think two root canals and crowns all up cost me $4k and that was nearly 20 years ago now.

Not cheap is an understatement.

I don’t go to the dentist as often as I should because of cost too,and I wouldn’t be the only one😕